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I have found walls to be a very fascinating thing in my life.  The walls of the place I live help keep my son and I protected.  Walls give me a place to live, entertain, and a peaceful place to rest or blog.  Walls can make fortresses for protection, they can also make jails for cells to restrict you and isolate us.  Whether we like it or not we are all born into a penitentiary of thoughts called assumptions and beliefs, which direct our lives and decisions as we make our way.

The subtle thing about ideas we believe is this, they have always been there, and we have learned to trust them without question, not because they are tried and true but because we rarely see our core values and how they control us.  However, because they have long been a fixture of our thoughts and actions, we therefore do not question them very often.  This conditioned thinking leads to response and decisions we sometimes do not understand.  Have you ever heard “That was not me that did that”?  Response: It looked like and sounded like you….?   Why do we make the decisions we make?

Do Not, I repeat Do Not start searching for these walls on your own!  Yes, they do guide your decisions and they are important to be aware of their impact.  Nevertheless, there is only one, who is tender, wise, and loving enough to deal with us on these core values and that is God and God alone.  I have found the path to seeing these walls is usually not a choice that we make but something that “just happens.”, not always though.

In my case, one such wall was a legalistic attitude.  A brief description of this attitude would be using God for vending machine of blessing.  The way this works is I drop in my obedience and a good work or two, then the vendor god would dispense a blessing for whatever it was I prayed for.  Yes, I know it is silly and not well thought through but it is subtle in my thinking,  The reach of these thoughts were  surprisingly hidden from me and far reaching in how I thought of God and all his creation. Enough said, bits and pieces as we proceed.

“Be angry and sin not” a real laugh out loud moment in the heat of this life altering realization that the “God I knew” was not there to help me in my CRISIS!  I tried to do the right things and good things even though I was in pain spiritually and emotionally.  Yet, where was Godin in all this stuff?  I was circling the drain and going down fast.  God still was not there!  I was still, crumbling and time was marching on.  Where was my friend called God who would never leave me or forsake me?

As I look back on this time, the only good thing I can think of that was happening in the moment was my life was so broken and falling apart. Therefore, I could not really take action against God and all the thoughts that I had against him!  What an awful time!  My anger toward God was hot, I am sure I sinned. Yet in all my doubt,  I never stop talking to this God that abandoned me. Things that make you go hmmmmm. This developed a good core value in me that I continue to depend on today.

A question that has been with me my entire Christian life has been: ”Is God good?”  I was in the grips of the most core-shaking  test of this question, which has ever taken me in the most painful way.

Several issues came to light in my struggle to answer the question, Is God good?  Number one issue was a seemingly unrelated issue of not forgiving two people in my life.( I had not thought of the wrongs in years but now could not shake the remembering)  Now if you were to ask me I would have said is no big deal and I would have ignored it as a happenings in life.  However, these two issues kept coming up in my mind over and over and over again.  In my mind I thought to God and said.  This is no big deal and has nothing to do with this situation God.  God hinted, forgive again.  No, not in an audible voice, just in promptings of thought from deep inside me.

So in my wisdom!,  I said okay I will forgive the people just to prove to you that this is a non-issue God.  Well, after forgiveness, the problems seemed to drop back into perspective, instead of looming out of control and actually controlling me.  I was stunned, amazed, in deep wonder and exuberantly joyfully happy all at the same moment all this because I chose to forgive an unrelated incident…  Think about it!  Unforgiveness caused chinks in my armor so Satan could grab me!

Think of it this way: Gods armor  he gives us is made out of God material.  God wants me to let go of sin so he will allow sin to pass out of his armor but not into his armor.  On the inside I was hanging on to this sin God was letting out of his armor to help me.  But since I was hanging onto the sin, on the inside, it gave a place that Satan could touch and hold onto because it was made of sin.  Satan cannot hold on to God material Satan rejects God material and God material rejects Satan.  So long as I was hanging onto this sin there was a place on my armor the Satan could hang onto made out of sin not God material.  Just a way of thinking of how Satan was hanging on to me badgering me, discouraging me and so on.

My absent God showed up on point of my worldly problems and I found he was there all the time and was waiting for me to come because he was calling me!  When I answered (honoring his request that I forgive) I could see him clearly but the fog I was in prevented me from answering quickly, I was in confusion.  This seemingly simple interchange happened over months.  I know I am slow!  My point in this would be when God prompts and you in a consistent calling or unction to take care of spiritual matters that have no real importance to you, they may well be very important to God.  Wrestle well with God, but in the end, be still and know that he is God.

As far as my wrestling with God over the months, I am glad it took me that long because I proved (to me) how good God is in his long-suffering toward me (us).  God is Especially patient with hard heads like me who want to wrestle.  “Be angry and sin not” is no longer just a verse of the Bible to me.  It has served me impeccably in the years after my wrestling with God.

Forgiveness is more free-flowing from me, yet in the forgiveness there is a fullness of realization of the wrong that is being perpetrated against me or others without the anger controlling me.  Which means I can be angry in the moment and still be clear headed enough to think about how to handle the anger and focusing the anger to energize me to do something constructive with the situation, instead of being frozen in anger with no reaction or throwing gasoline on the fire of reactions….  Have you been there?

Yes in my fiery trial the walls of my mind were broken down.  When the walls came down I found I was living in a dark prison that I was used to not a house.  God welcomed me into a bigger place that is so much more than what I expected here on this earth.  I saw core values uprooted and destroyed while others were affirmed and grew even stronger because the light of God which was shining on them instead of being imprisoned by self-protection walls.  Walls came down and light came in, Forgiveness is a powerful tool in the arsenal of Christian as we live.

My poor core values were exposed and yes I was embarrassed to realize I was operating in that mode without even really realizing it.  In God humbling me he also lifted me up closer to him.  I sometimes call the Holy Spirit the original World Wide Web.  He connects us to him, and us to each other as believers.  I could tell Spirit was the one who was moving me through this maze of life that I was so discouraged in.  Because I had no idea what to do yet, just kept Going following one I trusted.

Now the connection is better with God than it has ever been in my entire life.  With people to!  The Spirit is a real working person in you, Spirit  is perfect, and wants to communicate with you and guide you.  No, I am not saying go on the street and go crazy.  However, worship the way you want, as long as your worship is focused on God and God alone, worship to God is all good.  Do not ignore the magnificent working of the Holy Spirit each child of God has as a part of the gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some walls are good in our life; a mighty Fortress is our God!  Nevertheless, God’s Fortress must be mobile because the Bible also says: the gates of hell shall not prevail against his church.  So we God’s people who are connected to each other through the Spirit are to be a communicating battle group that is storming the gates of hell,  At God’s direction.  I have found most the gates of hell have been seated deeply inside of me.  Yes, I could blame other people for it.  However, when the bottom line was exposed it was and is me. Rats,, found those invisible for core values running me.  King David once prayed this in Psalm 139: NASV

17How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!

How vast is the sum of them!

18If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.

When I awake, I am still with You.

19O that You would slay the wicked, O God;

Depart from me, therefore, men of bloodshed.

20For they speak against You wickedly,

And Your enemies take Your name in vain.

21Do I not hate those who hate You, O LORD?

And do I not loathe those who rise up against You?

22I hate them with the utmost hatred;

They have become my enemies.

23Search me, O God, and know my heart;

Try me and know my anxious thoughts;

24And see if there be any hurtful way in me,

And lead me in the everlasting way.

Please note, David after he praises the wonder of God, then talks about God’s enemies.  Immediately after talking about God’s enemies David says search my heart.  David did not mention a single outward enemy of Israel, or enemies of his person.  David went directly to his heart the seat of his greatest enemies, David ask for God’s help, and God’s leadership to lead him in the way everlasting.

God is good, forgiveness is powerful, this truth moving from my brain into my heart and soul was expensive, painful, excruciating leading to despair for me as a person. In all the trouble, it made me a person who is more refined.  A person who is no longer afraid of trouble people get into, because I no longer have to solve the problem, because it really belongs to God for his solution.

I just have to be brave enough to listen, walk with, and be there for the person that is going through the trouble.  Sometimes I even talk!  Maybe too much!  I have learned to not fear breaking down protective walls that I have and exchanging them for God’s protective walls, which are pure clean, and proper.

I would never choose to go through what happened  to get this epiphany from God.  Now that I have gone through this test, I would not trade my tested and proved relationship with God for any amount of gold, cash, or worldly possession.  Yes, it is painful writing this, I shuddered at times for the trouble that I went through, remembering it and feeling its seduction to doubt.

God is waiting for you at the point of your troubles, trust him for he is good!  Listen to his voice and answer his call.  Expect fear, especially when you are wrestling God and not going his way.  He is patient he will continue to call you and give you many opportunities to follow him.

Forgiveness may be the furthest thing away from you as you are going through a painful event, I encourage you to forgive no matter the cost.  God will show you how to afford it.  God is worth the trade and loss your forgiveness costs you, and God has promised he owns all vengeance, “Vengeance is mine thus saith the Lord.”  Let God repay, God knows the end and to who his vengeance is due, or not.  However: We do not know who vengeance is due….. Let God be God.

Are you ready to get off the bench Christian?  Are you Ready to start a new life if you do not believe in God?  First drink deeply into the forgiveness  and love of God, humble yourself, ask for forgiveness and God will meet exceedingly your need for him.  Seek his forgiveness, start growing the seed of faith that he loves you and is good.

Accept his gospel as complete and finished not needing any other additional act or proof.  Follow God in baptism just as Jesus did.  Baptism is an act of obedience, the symbolism is powerful, it will cause an epiphany in your life.

Baptism has never been able to save any person, salvation and the gospel are an act of God and God alone, a unilateral action of his love toward his creation and humanity in particular.  Come taste see how good the Lord is!  No matter your situation, history or feelings you are invited to his table.  The choice is given to you and you and you alone.  God will never take this choice away from you .  He will honor the choice eternally.  Come Taste, see for yourself, God is Good.

Respectfully submitted,



Duality Within

I sincerely hope this finds you well and at peace.  As I write this, I find myself in an age-old struggle deep within me.  I made a in a hurry careless mistake last week.  The mistake did not seem to have a big effect negatively on anything, yet it was a haunting mistake for me.  Because of the mistake, I began to get negative on myself because I did something that was careless.

As this self-inflicted interaction within me was taking place, I found that there was no good coming from it.  In fact, there was collateral damage happening, creating other thoughts to grow that were negative and unhealthy in nature.  Things like anger issues, self-righteousness, negative attitude about life and other thoughts that at one time plagued me all to often.

With good reason, this set me on a spiral down into a deprived place in me.  Even though I am a Christian, I am still a sinner.  Becoming a Christian added something to me, that I do not deserve, called forgiveness a gift from God.  All my imperfection is still intact and working to control me in my Christian forgiveness, doing battle moment by moment.

As I was experiencing this most unsettling time of life a thought occurred to me.  It is something I have told people many times so to do battle with their sin nature.  The principal goes something like this: do not use Satan’s tools to do good!  This whole idea came home to rest on me in a unique way.

What happened was this, what I was trying to pound out and destroy in my own strength, was only serving to spread the seed of discontent, inferiority, and unforgiveness in areas that I was previously overcoming because of God’s forgiveness.  I was using Satan’s tools to do God’s work of sanctification/purification.  (SIGH) What an opportunity to practice what you preach Denny!  Rats!  Found out again!

In being found out by my misconception of God’s grace there was an epiphany moment, sin is extremely subtle influencing us away from God.  Even with experience in living in faith I was fooled.  When I use Satan’s tools to do good I am using a defeated method.  Therefore, whatever I do with Satan’s tools is bound to fail by God’s Victory over sin.  All of Lucifer’s tools are defeated foes.

Now if I applied God’s tools to the same situation of my mistake/sin, (Now I am) tools such as confession, grace, forgiveness, and humility what would have grown out of those God-given tools?  God desires to prosper His children not destroy us.  Each human being is an image bearer of God therefore; Satan has no problem cannibalizing his own followers (unredeemed image bearers) to do his evil, or anyone else who will avail themselves to his power lies and work, even believers in Jesus.

Paul the Apostle prayed three times for a thorn in the flesh/sin to be removed from him.  God answered Paul and said: My grace is sufficient.  Without checks and balances in living it is easy to be duped into a sense of victory when in reality it is God dependent -given victory not self victory.  We say something like: Do not worry God I have got it handled.  I will stamp out sin in my life let me show you how.  God, see how good I am!

Good and perfect gifts come from above and the book of James tells us our own sin nature leads us astray.  It certainly pulled me astray in trying to take care of my own sin.  I am dependent on a merciful God for all the forgiveness I will ever need as I live.

A mixed bag of blessing and failure is how I appear right now to others and me.  However, to my Lord and Savior I am sinless and un-condemned see Romans 8.  I call 8:1 the first three rules of Christianity there is no condemnation, there is no condemnation, there is no condemnation.  It is my choice on how I live, I do not choose to continue to use Satan’s failed tools.  I want to learn to use God’s tools for living well and not be duped into a lesser life.

To be or not to be is not the question!  To live by God’s grace that is wild and wonderful or to have a false sense of control of your life and live by Satan’s rules of pseudo-life is the real question.  God has given each of us one life to figure this out.

Jesus is building a place for you, your choice; do you want fellowship with God forever?  If you answer yes, then ask Jesus in your own words to forgive your sin.  Then start walking with Him, remember you are forgiven, and live like you are thankful for what Jesus did for you.  Yes, salvation can be that simple. (if God has forgiven you, you will see that living in thanks to God is a privilege and joy not a law of any kind) God wants your fellowship so much He died and overcame death to show you the way to overcome sin.

In Christ’s resurrection.


The biggest problem!

As I have pondered life both in being a Christian and not being a Christian.  I realized I have suffered through both conditions!  In one condition there were moments of joy with lots of crazy hurt.  And strangely enough in the other condition even though troubles still happen when I am with Christ Jesus there is a joy that is available in the deepest and darkest of times and the joy wrapped up and hope to see me through.

So, the biggest problem what is it?  Does it have anything to do with money?  Does that have to do with food and shelter?  Does it have to do is clothing?  Does it have anything you do it the way I act?  Well,, kind of yes, yet so much more!

There are some things in this life that I can say yes, I understand how they work.  How do beauty, love, thought, consciousness, decision-making, and a soul or a spirit work or operate in us?  Of these things I’m in contact with most of them every day.  How do I use these things and not understand how they operate or why they are in existence?  How can I ask questions about something I don’t know much about?  The beyond here feeling is common and real gift from God to think.

Can you see a problem in my questions?  I am talking and thinking about things when studied, you come away more confused and bewildered than with good solid answers.  Is there life after death?  Is this a problem?  Well, on one hand you may choose not to believe there’s life after death and all’s we are is here and now.  This presents a problem for me!  If I’m only here now why should not I destroy anything in my way of happiness and kill and maim anyone who tries to get in my way?  If I’m only here now and there is nothing else what’s the point of Kind living?

This dilemma was so beautifully answered for me in my quest for answers to questions that there were no answers for in a person named in Jesus Christ.  Now wait!  Don’t jump to too many conclusions about Jesus just yet.  My first question is, have you personally read about Jesus?  Just so you know reading is not enough with Jesus and his word called the Bible.  There is oh so much more to Jesus than just what you read.  However, what you read about Jesus is truly impressive.

I hope you’re starting to see some problems!  I am finite in all my nature which means I am limited.  As I experience an unlimited God it keeps me in a continual state of awe.  In this state of awe, what I find is a direct line to truth.  I now can see the problem I’ve had all along.  The problem was a deep, deep, deep fear that if I were to last forever, could I live a good enough life to earn some kind of reward for good behavior?  This has provided a wrestling match between God and I that still goes on sometimes today!

The really big problem I had is whether or not I was going to heaven or hell.  Another problem came up when I realized that even though my life has been relatively mild compared to some I have been in contact with.  I still saw failures, I had no right to live in heaven.  This continually presented me with a big problem.  When I meet people and they interact with me something happens between us that is beyond understanding.  We connect!  Some connections are bad, some connections are good, some connections are stupendous and long-lasting and called friends. Is this a taste of God in everyday life.

How can all these things happen if we were just intended for now and there’s nothing else?  Wouldn’t we be totally selfish if there was nothing else?  And if you say no we wouldn’t be selfish, what would be your motivation not to be selfish?  There is only survival of the fittest in nature.  Which translates into kill or be killed!  That’s the best evolution has to offer.  And if there’s no eternity and there’s nothing else then I’m willing to go with evolution and survival of the fittest. There is more than nature. YOU know it deep inside you. Slow down and you will experance it.

So now with my problem in hand, of going to hell and no way on this earth to get out of this problem what am I to do?  I can’t good behave my way out of hell because I slip and I fall off my own standards, not including God’s!  Sounds like I’m in need of some outside help.  But who will step in and help me out I do not deserve to be helped.  Is there someone really that good in the world that I experience?  Well, my friend, my answer is absolutely there is not.

Fortunately, there is someone who operates on a supernatural basis not a natural one!  He is so beyond me that he had to express himself to me as three persons Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  In this expression I came to understand that the three had eternally past, present and future existed in peace and perfect love existence demonstrating pure love in the highest form I have ever experienced.

This love was demonstrated to me through Jesus Christ who became begotten of men.  Jesus is the only begotten or born of man one in the Trinity.  The only reason Jesus had to be born of man was to become vulnerable to Satan’s schemes of death and killing.  Jesus is both God and man.  Because of his vulnerability of manhood he was able to do something for me that I could not do for myself.

Jesus answered the big problem with his life, death, and resurrection the biggest problem I have ever come up against.  And that was the problem of not being able to have a good reason to go to heaven.  What the gospel or good news of Jesus says is this.  Because Jesus loves me and called me (he calls every person who has ever lived to himself no matter what their belief system is) and somehow I answered, yes in my delima, through his grace  Jesus said because of my work, that I did when I lived, I have paid the complete price for your entry into heaven.

Without this one act from a benevolent God I had no hope of ever having eternal life.  He solved my biggest problem by paying in full the price of my entry into heaven.  As I look at it, there was no other way for me to get into heaven.  Religion simply put me under a burden that I could not bear up under or keep.  A relationship with God that I do not deserve, took care of everything that I had to worry about.  This is the rest offered to me to live in as a believer in Jesus Christ.  A paid for in full sonship to the God that loves me and gave himself for me.

Now, with the perspective of hell being taking care of, I find that I see other problems, no matter how big or how badly they hurt as much smaller when compared to hell.  Now you may ask how do I pay for such a rest as Jesus offered.  The simple answer is I can’t and you can’t.  It has already been paid for by Jesus Christ on his cross where every bad thing that has ever been or happened has purchased and put under the control of God.

No evil ever comes from God.  However, God commands evil because he bought and paid for it and put it under his control.  Therefore I have no worry about the fallenness and hurt that goes on around me and happens to me because my Heavenly Father is taking care of all of it.  For now he has allowed the wheat and the weeds sometimes called tares in the Bible to grow together.  They (PROBLEMS) will continually call us to make the decision whether or not we believe in God or not.  Every time something good happens every time something bad happens we are faced with the challenge of deciding whether or not God exists or not. Is God good in what happened?  What do you say?

As much as God gets blamed for all the bad things that ever happen, it seems Satan has a very good smokescreen for his actions.  The question is where is God when bad things happen?  God is with each and every person that something bad happens to.  The real question is; what is the person that the bad thing is happening to doing with God.  God will never force that person to believe in him.  Instead God has given us a free will to make the choice to believe in him or not.

Our choice that we make for or against God never diminishes his love for us.  What a choice does is limit how much God can do for us in our eternity.  Yes, God has chosen to limit himself to your decision about him.  If you accept his call and say yes to Jesus he can then by your choice destroy all evil around you and replace it with righteousness and purity.  If you choose not to accept Jesus and his gift of the gospel, he will honor your choice and not force you into relationship with him.

Yes, you can opt. out of God’s paid in full forgivness program  er,  better word relationship……

If you want your biggest problems  takien care of, ask God to help you hear and answer him.  You may call yourself into a fiery trial to see God.  You may call yourself into a time of blessing.  However, God is not above blending both of these two exterams together in a very special formula, formulated just for you to activate your entire person to see God and answer his call.  God is not controllable, nor is he predictable!  But he understands you inside and out and knows what you need to happen in life to bring out the very best parts of you that he has put into you.

Therefore through the gospel of Jesus Christ I understand more and more each and every day however, little each and every day, but more each and every day that I can count everything loss that wasn’t for Jesus Christ.

No, I do not behave, work, or act like a good person to get into heaven.  I look at the gospel and the love that is presented to me and it by Jesus Christ and then do my best to imitate it in some way.  This is the only way I know to bring Jesus Christ to a world who is lost, dying, and hurting.

Lord my hope. Please use me to scatter your good seed everywhere I go. Help me do this in your strength and your way. Let me not become proud if you use me to do your good work. Teach me to give you all the honor and glory in all you do for me and through me.

in JESUS name,


What do you say?

Learning to rest in Christ,


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is consistent with the fall of man. No matter how it affects us we are never untouched by it’s effect on us. We do our best to avoid the poison, but find it nagging us to hate it and eradicate it. Yet, it still pops up unseen and unnoticed until it shows it self in a rash of great discomfort on or one near us.

Have you ever witnessed the fall impact a loved one? A much enjoyed friend or fellow worker? Ever watch the news on TV or listen on the radio? Do you ever wonder about why we want to move away from trouble spots and protect our selves? Ever move away just to find a new kind of trouble that was hidden or unknown?

Yes! To all the above questions and more! I have lost hope at times during encounters with the affects of the fall of man. Even though I believe in Christ as my only Hope in this world I still look away from God at times. There is  a Love-hate relationship with life itself as good or bad passes into and through your life.

I’m not even talking about the things are my opinion bad. I speak of the things that are truly evil and bad. Things that we can get agreement on throughout the world that they are bad. For example, floods that kill people, tsunamis that kill people, meteors it just drop out of the sky and hurt people or killed them, mechanical structures or devices that come apart causing loss of life, and there is a host of other things that I have not even touched on.

Most of what I’ve talked about her natural disasters, parts of the machine made from nature that fail. In spite of the fact that there are failures, and nature will rear its head and do what it wants when it wants, we move on as if were impervious and it will not happen to us on most days. Reality?

As a Christian all these things are in play for me as well. God has not stepped in between me and the fallenness of this world to protect me. Yet, since my God is not limited I find a peace in seeing all these bad things and knowing about them yet, LIVING through them.

It is not that I believe I will be delivered around the pain that evil causes. But I will never be alone in any evil that comes my way. There will be a light to follow and away to walk through the trouble to the other side. And on the other side I will have a deeper vision of who God is and how he works me through the troubles of life.

The biggest lie have ever been told was that doing it your way was the tough courageous thing to do. I have found that this was a folly and a step into a fantasy that was never satisfied. The most courageous thing I’ve ever done is to attempt to follow Jesus and live his way. The reality of the pain of this world is crushing to me. But just as true in all my despair over the pain of life there is a hope that is beyond compare.

This hope is the reality of what Jesus did for us in proof of how much he loves us. Whether you believe in God or not, God continues to give us air to breathe, food eat, a place to live, and he gives all of us his image so that we can experience him.

Are you experiencing a taste of love. joy, Peace, beauty? I promise you God is calling you to him through these experiences. But, he has given you a free choice to reject him. The most perilous decision you have ever made is what you do with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has never ask you to do anything bad or evil.

Jesus came to deliver you from this poison ivy world. Jesus wants you to live with a hope in spite of everything this world dishes out to you. Jesus knows everything about you and he desires to spend the rest of eternity with you. No matter how bad you are you think you are his good can consume all of it and remove it from your record.

I invite you to walk with God for a while. Don’t go by what other people say it is your decision, to let others tell you what to do is not wise. Especially me, do not do what I say, this is an invitation from God not me.

You don’t even have to RSVP! Just show up at his step and request the privilege of getting to know him, he always says yes. Jesus loves you, come to him as you are. Please do not try to hide who you are to him just be honest and real. This will help you transition into the reality of God’s love.

If you’re up for an adventure you just said yes. If you want the same old same old pretend maverick kind of life you said no. God still loves you and has his grace on you. If you said yes you’re on an adventure of discovering his mercies which are and last forever.

In Christ,

Ramblings of a believer!

Hello all!!!

How is the good Lord treating you today? If you are like me He is treating you much better than we deserve. With that said, as I’ve listen to good teachers of the word they usually say something to this effect , apply much of God’s word to yourself and then learn from others…. apply to self liberally, as all Christianity should live as Jesus did, from inside yourself to the outward person…

As I write my blog I am the first one in line to receive anything that I say. I do not say I am perfect at applying it but I certainly do attempt to apply to my life. Through the Holy Spirit when I submit to him the situation usually works out pretty well, under my own power, there is no power. We get a clean Heart by interaction with God not self-effort.

So why won’t God allow us to apply seemingly good changes to our lives unless He is empowering us? Is it because we have gone our own way so much, he must let us fail to teach us to trust Him? Are there lessons to be learned in following and trusting Him in all things as we learn? Is he teaching me to listen to his voice and not other similar sounding unction’s in my conscience? Do I expect God to lead me like a boss at work verbatim and spelled out on what I’m supposed to do?

I for one am glad that God does not micromanage me! Then I would be mechanical in my love of God and others. But, I am sure glad he is with me at all times as He teaches me to straighten my  crooked free will to His  perfect Standard. In recent years, I have had actions and thoughts that I’ve never had before cross through my mind Powerful and Free.

Some of the thoughts made me very nervous, some, I was shocked that they were in me! Some produced trouble for me, but I did not mind because it was a good and right way. Some I should think most, I’ve had to listen to after it was said, then I learned biblical concepts from it. (strange to listen to yourself and what you said in learning)

Following the Lord is not an exact science! But it is a learning to flow with God and trusting the flow and gentle control that he would so gently offer you through His Suggestion. The ideas Never to do harm, but to encourage, challenge and tend to provoke to love and good works, for God’s honor and glory.

Learn my Friends, God is calling you into His will, but will always give you your choice to follow Him or not.  Well enough for my ramblings and free thoughts.

As you think of our Lord this week send up a prayer for our world and our fellow believers that serve on the field the Lord lead them to. Gods Workers are few and harvest great and at hand. Your prayers fill in some of the pitfalls we will encounter in God’s work. The same is true of the folks you know and serve with in the Church of Jesus.

We gather in His name and around His name only in truest praise and humility.  Be an ambassador of Christ Jesus as you go about your given duties. Your salt will bring flavor to your surroundings, making others thirsty. Thus giving opportunity for all to praise and glorify our King in learning and more wonderful ways, because you follow like Jesus.

Be a Blessing!


Banner meaning

The banner chosen has an owl pictured. The owl in human folklore is equated to wisdom mostly because of its forward facing eyes and flat face. This evaluation would agree well with God’s evaluation of humanity in being very good.

We are very good because we are image bearers of God, not God, but image bearers of God.

In the talons of this owl there is the W. For me the W stands for wisdom of the word of God. I never expect any of my posts to completely grasp any person but I do hope there are elements, phrases, sentences, or general ideas that will touch you in some way shape or form for the good.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, you are intensely loved by God. The real question that remains are what are you going to do with that love, are you going to deny it.(This is your free will choice) or are you going to accept the gift that is in the sense it is too good to be true! But is True!

The good news or gospel is that God’s gift is true and in reality not fantasy. Because of this invisible truth there is an empty Talon on the owl to grasp an invisible God that exists for all eternity yet unseen by man in many respects. Maybe because God chose to manifest Himself through imperfect people like me.

Yes, God wants to grasp both worlds both the visible and invisible. But left alone and forsaken by this invisible God man is not. As the owl grasps the letter W, I hope there is an element of wisdom that you will grasp to help you learn how God interacts with man.

Temptations are common”there has no temptation taking you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful and will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able. But will with the temptation also make a way of escape.” With this commonness in mind I hope there will be different elements of my blogging walk that will encourage you.

Hopefully a story will help you grasp in your talons  in a concept or idea of the Gospel. And use the Gospel to assist you walking with a truly awesome God that I will never be able to explain in completeness, I am finite. I know he loves you no matter what you have done or failed or succeeded at.

His whole ministry is about reconciliation with each  soul and every person ever born to an awesome and holy God. Even if you do not believe in God and stumble upon his principles to live by you will have good success because God works that way. He is not exclusive to believers only, His ways are truth. Don’t be fooled, you must accept the gift.

He will not cause his principles not to work for the unsaved! Yet in this fallen world there is not a mechanical or ideology or method of living even in God’s way that protects you from all the wrong and hurt that is going on in this old world.

But if you are able to begin the journey on trusting God and building a faith in him no matter how small the faith, you will be entering into a world of abundance and life. No you may not win the lottery and become rich in money wealth but you will be spiritually rich.

This is when you really shine in the world when you are aglow with the true Light of the World, so Shine on in Jesus’s name. Friend, as I write these things my hope is that you do not find the right answers but you find each and every person has a call to walk with God.

Exercising their freewill most walks have aspects that are similar to yours, not identical, in the similarity of their story they can help each and every one of us walk for the glory of Jesus Christ. All the while practicing fellowship with God and people.

My hope is that your talons grasp spiritual truth from these writings, no matter how poorly written they are, so that you can apply God to your life more effectively because of the vocabulary/experience that was given from anther’s testimony of their experience with God.

My dear friend walk worthy of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for He is worthy. As I write these things can’t help but think of the section of Scripture that says “God is true and every man a liar” I am a man,,,!

A man who does not claim self-rightness, but does claim righteousness because that’s what Jesus died on the cross to give me. I have accepted the gift of his righteousness into my life by saying yes to His call.

Therefore, I write these things to assist anyone who is in need of assistance to encourage anyone who needs encouragements to walk alongside those who are discouraged and needs a friend.

One thing for sure if any good comes out of any of these blogs it will be because “Good and perfect gifts come from above” never from me. I am dependent on the blood of Jesus Christ for any goodness that comes out of me.

I return any good that comes from this to God and the bad I turn to God and give it to him because I need to be cleansed from it.

To God be all glory, for God has shed His grace on me. Hope you have a blessed day and you understand why I chose an owl with talons firmly grasp around wisdom both heavenly, earthly represented by the wise owl. The owl is a personification, of a patient hunter that would dine on Godly wisdom and it would become part of them deeply changing themselves for the good and the glory of God.

Another start post from Denny. Shalom!