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Hello! Welcome and thank you for stopping by. My name is Denny and if you believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted His gift, you are a sibling of mine! You are especially welcome if you’re not a believer and you are reading this blog. My only hope is that I can plainly tell you the mystery that I searched for, years and years to find out what the gospel really is. I am glad you are here with all your questions and doubts. You have nothing on me because I was a believing unbelief for years. Now that’s a real mess. I am not very good at writing, but it will not stop me from sharing in this format the thing that I’ve been searching for, for a long time. If you read my blogs you will know that I am not a trained theologian or even a great thinker. I’m a plain guy that has discovered some things about Jesus Christ and I am looking for a way to interactively talk about what I found out to the world. If you’re reading this in your part of the world I welcome all your comments, criticisms, corrections, instructions, and any other comments you might have. I would request that you be respectful of how I believe, even if it’s dead wrong, but please do not think I will not listen to your comments or read them. As time allows I hope to get through all of them and well, I think I’m being rather presumptuous that there will be any comments, but I hope there are. I do attend a fellowship of believers that Grace has grabbed hold of them and the fellowship is good. No, not perfect, unfortunately, they are fallen beings also and none of them are perfect. But, if they were perfect and I showed up they would no longer be perfect because of me. So I find this essence of people working through grace and truth a very attractive one and one that I can be a part of. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, had a wonderful family, of course, Yes, it did have flaws and was imperfect. My folks made sure I went to church whether I wanted to or not, and it was good for me. I knew there was something up when I was saved, I was afraid to tell anybody because I really did not understand what happened to me, yet there was a change in me. Then a year or so later I was baptized. I didn’t really understand what baptism was but I knew it was important to be baptized to be identified with Jesus. So I went through with it. Well after drifting around sports and having fun on my own and having church on Sundays I felt more a drift than anchored in my faith. Then at about 24-25 years old I felt really lost, I probably prayed my best prayers ever then, but I felt it was very audacious of me to ask God to make a difference in my life. I actually threatened to leave and not go to church anymore. But God was good. He opened up a class that was especially for my needs, well at least felt needs. For the first time I understood a little bit more about what fellowship was in the church and the people could be connected outside of Sunday. This was a very good awakening. After that part of my life dropped out, I moved on to a mission situation in a new community church. It was those 10 years of my life that were the best of times and the worst of times. I lost a great community and found a mediocre community. Okay toughen up Denny be tough it is a mission situation not an established situation so back off complaining and do what you came to do. So with the best attitude I could muster that’s what I did. I ended up being head usher and head elder and treasurer all at the same time. Learned a lot about church was I ever super Christian! LOL! I was working hard for that salvation that God freely gave to me, but at the time I did not know it. Grace was just something we said at the table. I was living well back then. I didn’t raise a ruckus and lived a pretty tight and secure life. There was not much that someone could say because I was near blameless. Yes I did forget things from time to time and everybody razzed me about it but there were no major breakdowns. I was a pretty good fellow, I was extremely miserable, but a pretty good fellow, even dependable. Then God began crashing in on me, I was never so miserable doing something good in my entire life. Have you ever been there? If you have you know it’s a miserable place to be. Yet I still did not find what I was looking for. So, it was time for another church! Right? I went to a church then that was a lot of fun. Got back to a community that I was a part of and was a part of me. Got active again, not quite as active but was leading a group and enjoying it, yet that hole was still missing what I needed. I had the rhetoric down about how to live for Jesus and make God happy! Except for the fact, I wasn’t excited about serving God, and was still on the search for that something real in Christianity for that fellowship. Funny(and painful) thing how over the years I had taken the advice of Christians on how to be real. Bought a house to become real, and then came new regulations on being real. Then I got married, I still was not real the standard of the real was continually changing and I never could make the grade for the standard. It was always just out of my reach. If I was stupid enough to reach for it I could do it but after all my past failures I did not reach for it anymore I was frustrated. I was also getting older, still playing the church game and hoping that God would understand. I don’t know if I had to go through all those things and failures to finally be soft enough to look at God as my all in all. Evidently I was still hard because then I had to suffer through a divorce. Sorry to all of you who think divorce is the final sin that will not allow me into heaven. Now I’m at peace about it. The Gospel covers it. Try reading Romans 8:1 if you don’t believe me. It was the stark first for me, that I never understood Christianity, because Romans 8 the first verse was so unpracticed in Christianity. Then one of my very liberal Christian friends gave me a book by Timothy Keller. (Prodigal God) For the very first time in my life the thing and I had been searching for was touched. The Gospel was finally spelled out and taught to me for the very first time. The Gospel did not have an absolute rule/ power over me. It did set up a new unbelief in me. I actually thought that the gospel was too good to be true! There was nothing here on this earth that I can compare the Gospel to. I still struggle with how impossibly good the gospel is. To find that Christianity is the only belief system out there, at least once I looked at, that the God who set the impossibly hard standard came lived the standard then took the punishment for all those who could not keep the standard. Then freely gave all the righteousness to His children that Jesus had amassed and took all the deadly sin away for accepting His gift. Simply acknowledging that he is God of you life. You cannot add anything to the Gospel truth without destroying its message. God is good.!! As I live to this truth it changes me every time I think about it. Yes I still struggle with sins, but I have hope that even if I die on a bad day I will be accepted into heaven because of the work that Jesus did. My work has nothing to do with my entrance into heaven but it has everything to do with the work that Jesus did on the cross for my sake and yours. The gospel is about God’s performance and His work on the cross and has nothing to do with my performance. I could never in 1000 lifetimes of just dropping the all the bad that I did and adding just the all good together, I would fail to earn my way into heaven. But God did in the single act of living the cross and resurrection.(yes a single act) And in the act that was finished on the cross a new testament and He did not take away my free will I can still choose to sin or not to sin. This is the story God gave me and the point is to attempt to share it with you. I hope you do not have to suffer as long as I did to find the pureness of the work of the cross and resurrection. The gospel is unimaginable not comparable purest good ever experienced on earth, no wonder I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel demands little and gives all we ever really needed.

Life and Love

I have been a passenger on earth for 6o orbits, somehow I thought I would be closer to God and know more about God than I do right now.  Humor would help at this moment, an old person joke of some kind,  not now OK, but I will assume most of you are younger than I.  The one thing you have to know and grow in is, how much God loves you. I have never gotten to the bottom or sides of his love. The other happenings and blessings in life are a bonus to God’s LOVE.

Even when it seems God is far away the truth is, His love and mercy endures forever.  Bible knowledge is wonderful.  If you want your cup to overflow with His love, meditate on how much God has shown His love to you and all of us.

To know God and walk with Him is to know love.  If you are full of God’s love there is not as much room for sin to derail you.  God’s love includes a place for hate too hate is not inconsistent with love.

God’s hate is focused on death which sin introduced to us.  God’s Love stomped this deadly foe with His love for us.  God’s love is not a wimpy sentiment, but an all-powerful life giving, irrevocable, life improving, change agent whose work will endure into eternity.

On the cross of Jesus, there were several basic events on display.  These events are interdependent, so one cannot be more important than the other is.  Jesus had fulfilled the law and all its requirements when he said, “It is finished.”  Jesus was 100% human He bled and died.

Jesus asked for forgiveness to be given to his persecutors, this is part of his mission and a foundation to reconciliation of relationship to God.  Jesus was not immune from the separation sin causes; Father and Spirit forsook Jesus when Jesus became sin for you and me.

I am quite sure there are many other events displayed at the cross, this was never intended to be an exhaustive list.  I have never heard this taught but I will share this.  The thought is that if Jesus did not became human he would not have had the weakness in him to die for our sin.

In his God state, he could not be killed or judged or die to pay for all sin, he had to become vulnerable as a human, an offspring of a woman.  The other seed which came together in Mary was Spirit, not a man providing Jesus’ God attribute.

Emmanuel is God with us in flesh, yes, God walking around in skin.  Therefore, Jesus has the unique makeup of being 100% God and 100% man at the same moment in time.  This is how God kept the law to live a perfect life.  This is how God allowed love to hold him to the cross as no nail or judgment of man could hold Jesus on the cross, but his love for his father and us could.

One of the overlooked events in the cross account is the resurrection!  Jesus was crucified, dead, not almost dead, completely dead, while in that death Jesus took up life again showing his true God powers over life and resurrection.  If you join God’s family, we are resurrected into his life everlasting and given his family name.  All we had to do is trade in death to get life everlasting.

Our access to heaven 100% based on the life Jesus has already lived perfectly and given to each believer in Christ. Because of this every person who has accepted God’s gift will be in heaven based on Jesus’s perfect life being added to each of his children.  This is the gospel.  All this was provided through the weakness of one man named Jesus, who was not rich as this world counts richness but shared the wealth he had with each and every person who will deal with him in true humility which is our weakness.

In my weakness, becoming a believer in Christ through his gift, i found there is bountiful and rich sources of God’s help.  When God gave Abraham his covenant promise that many would be blessed through his seed, it was Jesus in particular and the gospel in general that completed this covenant.  Abraham was unable to walk through the sacrificed animal parts to complete the promise,  Abraham  saw  God walk alone to make the promise in a vision.

This indicates that only God could unilaterally love us enough to send is very own sacrifice so that we could regain relationship with God,  God would share his home heaven with us.  God and God alone made the promise and paid the price for restoring our relationship with him. Not Human good behavior, but God’s perfect behavior.

I did a modification of the first 3 rules of Real estate, location, location, location.  Location is the definitive measuring stick of value to the property you have for sale.  In Christianity it is something else altogether.  As a Christian the first three rules of being a Christian would be always founded on this truth found in Romans 8.

The first three rules for a believer in Christ are these:

1) No condemnation

2) No condemnation

3) No condemnation

This is God’s measuring stick, Provided by God, Lived by God, Gifted to all who accept the love by God.  This is the value of being one of God’s children.  This is why God’s children are valuable and worthy of life. Yes, even on a horrid day.

Read Romans 7, then focus on Romans 8: 1-2 for my source.  Just have to love God and his good news on this one!  Now this is beginning to understand what it means to be first loved by God.  While being loved by God you are taking steps into learning about life and life, more abundant as God has said it would be as a believer in Christ.

This is our hope in Christ Jesus: he took up life from death.  He wants to do the same for you.  We are born with a death sentence on our head, only God can Save us from this curse.   If you have not had an encounter with the love of Jesus, then ask Jesus for an encounter with him, he is with you.  We are naturally blind to God and His help.  Jesus has been calling you your entire life ever so gently but consistently.

God’s love beckons you wherever  you are.  God calls the unbeliever into fellowship with him, and the believer into closer fellowship with him.  The unbeliever whom God invites to his family, but the unbeliever must decide to accept the invitation as God gives it.  If you are a believer God calls you to be a walk continually closer with him, again the believer has to accept the invitation.

The commonness of both invitations is this, if you humble yourself and accept God’s offer, you will be humbled and then lifted up by God.  If the decision is not to accept God’s offer we will become prideful and fall away from God’s uplifting love.

God humbled himself on the cross to show you how much he loves you.  Are you willing to humble self and walk humbly with God, the way Jesus has walks humbly for and with you?  God is true life and love.



Time Sign

I have found I can make most any little sign a reason to do what I want.

Some signs I misread, to the book of love, which understands me I turn for truth in all time.

Truth, good, and justice is what I desire in life I live, fruits of peace, for this I must hunt.




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If you have ever heard the term eating humble pie you will understand the lesson I learned.  Only a few short years ago I learned that eating humble pie is the best meal I have ever eaten.  When the good Lord humbles you, it is the God of the universe who is dining with you as you eat your humble pie.

Humble pie prepares me to serve God.  It is that moment when he stands at the door and knocks, if you let him in you will be humbled because your perfection is nowhere near his perfection.  Keep in mind God is infinite and I am finite.   If you pass on letting him in as he knocks, pride will consume you. Dine often in God’s presence, it is good.

Please do not confuse abuse with humility!  Abuse is for self-gain of the abuser and is hate to the abused.   Especially if the abuser apologizes profusely after the act.  Humility however is a mutual uplift of two souls and a reuniting in relationship.  Abuse generates hate and false humility.  Humility generates love and respect on a two-way highway of love and respect.

Three Line Tales, Week 88


The mind over taxed with many thoughts and cares.

Even so the paper remains blank in opposition to the minds many thoughts.

Things broken remind me of my own broken heart, how to express this turmoil?

Only 100 Words

Welcome to Week 88 of Three Line Tales.

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We are a unique lot we children of God. In the world we are born we become immigrants and aliens in the very same land that we were born. We are reborn to a new land one that we cannot see. Yet, still ambassadors of good news to the old land of our first birth.  Though rejection of the old land still hurts.

Lord, help us understand the depth of your love that your love my blot out and take the place of the life we live in the flesh. Let each of us be beacons of that love in humility to you, even though we are poor imitations of that perfect love. Help us to see the opportunities you give us to serve you and show your love to all.

This is a reminder of being a peculiar people, called out, born again, ambassadors, followers, yet in all this a saint, because of God’s mighty love not of our self at all. Do not be surprised when this old world rejects you, be joyful that you are different. Jesus was worthy of this rejection too.  Because you have shown love instead of rejection to your persecutors just as Jesus did. This follows Christ’s example on the cross, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

walking with less pride,


the photo: It is a Frisbee! LOL

Three Line Tales, Week 87


Be calm and do not worry, we were separated, I raise my hand high!

Raised high so you can see if I get close over this undergrowth, talk.

Keep talking I am getting close, can you see my hand? Now we are safe and together again.


Only 100 Words

Welcome to Week 87 of Three Line Tales.

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Prayers for all

As of the time of this post there are 58 souls now departed due to the shootings in Vegas.   This town is sometimes called Sin City, I do not feel it is much different than any city or place across this world.  We are all sinners in one or more ways.  The people did not die because of their sin.  They died because hate was stirred up in one person.

The families and friends of the departed and injured people need our prayers.  This tragedy did not come from the God of the Christians,  it did come from the prince of the power of the air Who hates anyone who bears the image of God.  We believers in Jesus should show compassion and defend all these families in a prayer and fasting to do battle with this evil.

Look to the Psalms for guidance on what and how to pray.  We can do something about this act of hate to image bearers.  Death is an enemy to everyone. The evil one has struck with his terror and has chosen death as a calling card in this terror.  Are we the believers in Christ going to say we can do nothing? Are we going to unite in prayer against this evil one?

Our Prayers should not end at the injured and the loss of precious life. We should extend our prayers to include the city the state and the nation. We have all lost something in this tragedy.  Please fellow believer do not let this time pass without a solid response and calling on God’s help! Come together in prayer as days of old when we prayed for our troops as they engage in the Revolutionary war, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and more recent wars.

This war is no less dangerous and no less real than those wars. This war is carried out by an invisible Army which is more real than the life that we now live. This army of the invisible soldiers from God must be invited and protected by our prayers so it can advance.

Let us join together in unity of faith in God to pray pray for the for the wounded and the deceased not ceasing to include their families. Believers also unite to pray against the principalities and powers that organized this terror against us. Is there not a cause?
Let us be the warriors of prayer that answer this call to challenge Satan with God’s armies. We believers have been challenged. What, What say you??

This war is not limited to guns it has been waged with floods, storms, earthquakes, sickness, and prejudice of hate. This battle has too many fronts for me!  But I know in whom I have believed and he is able to fight this war on all fronts.  Let us pray for those who have been affected deeply by the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated.  Let us pray unceasingly for the binding of the evil one that has caused this tragedy.

Do we slumber and are we comfortable in our air-conditioned abodes in hiding from this horrific event?

Whether you have great faith or small faith please join together against this common foe whom we can stop by the power of our Lord.  Have our hearts gone stone cold?  It is risky to have a heart of flesh in this cold and cruel world.  Not something for the fainthearted for sure.

Let us get out of our comfort zones let us join together and pray!  Praying groups of two praying groups of thousands I do not care just pray against this evil advance that we are witnessing in our time.  This is our battle not our children’s or any law enforcement agency.  We are the ones asleep at the wheel because we know the one who can help.  Pray while walking, running, sitting, before sleeping, in the shower, while leading, while eating, and any other time you can think up.  Just pray, read the Psalms to God, believe there is a God because it is the truth.

In hope, faith, and prayer,

Monsters in life

Matt.  7:15 Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them.   Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?

ME:  There are monsters.  Monsters cannot give something they are not.  More hate will not change a monster.  Monsters cannot be identified by gender, race, or claimed beliefs.

Matt. 10:16 Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.

ME:  We are to be aware of monsters, but learning to live well while enduring and learning how to avoid their insidious traps in life.

II Tim. 1: 12 For this reason, even though I suffer as I do, I am not ashamed; for I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him for that day.

ME:  God is the only sure hope who is able to sort out and separate the monsters for eternity.  For now, we have light and dark together making a shadowy place to live.  Our hope is to make a dent in the monster population by introducing them to a relationship with our only true change agent, Jesus The living Christ.

Even though being a believer is not a absolutely sure way to sort out betrayal  in relationship.  It gives opportunity to experience the fruit of the persons life to help your decision on whether they would be a good choice in a mate for you.

Acts 4: 8 Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them, “Rulers and elders of our people, 9 are we being questioned today because we’ve done a good deed for a crippled man? Do you want to know how he was healed?  10 Let me clearly state to all of you and to all the people of Israel that he was healed by the powerful name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, the man you crucified but whom God raised from the dead.  11 For Jesus is the one referred to in the Scriptures, where it says,

‘The stone that you builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.’

12 There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.”

Me:  In salvation and the starting point of the Gospel is all about learning to beware of monsters, even harder learning to love your enemies  AKA monsters.  Feeding all monsters true love from God above so they can make their decision on the love of God and whether to reject or accept God’s Gospel (Good News).  Then you  will see the God of the creation manifest Himself to you in amazing ways as you do battle with God’s sincere love not hate, prejudice, conceit, or any other one of Satan’s many tools.

It is a tough way to live, not for the fainthearted.  The Bible is not afraid of truth; the Bible is the good truth that everyone is afraid of.  It encourages you to live for others and live less for yourself.  It also encourages us to allow God to be the architect of our life.  While at the selfsame moment, we are making decisions of how to live and the amount of influence God will have over us.

Accepting this truth is not an easy life but, I life that is abundant and rich through Jesus Christ.  Imagine walking up to a monster and not displaying hate but kindness that the monster knows they do not deserve.  This would be a lively application of being aware of the monster yet being in all forgiveness.

Beware and know this, God desires to heal even our known mistakes.  Never take God’s forgiving grace as an endorsement on how you are living.  Do take God’s forgiveness and grace as a manifested witness of God’s love for you.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.

In Mercy and Grace,


Three Line Tales, Week 86

Photographic memory

Yes dad, I remember this photo, you spent a lot of time looking at this plain old book.

I remember, I snuck into your prayer closet to look at this fascinating book, to my expressed surprise there were no pictures, I was near the end, only lots of words! What a shock!

By the way dad, I understand your fascination with this old book now, but, did you really have to show my girlfriend this old photo?

Only 100 Words

Welcome to Week 86 of Three Line Tales.

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Happy three-lining!

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Three Line Tales, Week 85

Thank you Sonia for the photo.

Lost fun and promising thought.

I instantly remember this shot, even though I was having fun with the sparkler, there was something more?

Was it the light, was at this tiny pin burns as the sparkles landed on my hand, it seems there was something just on the edge of thought,?

I am having fun but, what does a sparkling light remind me of, something pure, clean, and bright, this time I stand in the feeling but, what,, will you answer, please?

Only 100 Words

Welcome to Week 85 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales week 85: sparkler and sunglasses photo by Matt Palmer via Unsplash

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Storm Terror

A terror truly was unleashed in hurricane Harvey.  Most of the people did survive this terror. It would seem that God only gets credit for the ones that were killed not so much for the ones that were saved.  It is God’s desire to be with each and every person as they survived in terror or succumbed to the storm and its fury.

God is hope, God is life, only the living have the ability to rebuild here on this earth. And only God can give any heart of hope to rebuild in the face of such tragedy.  Property and things to a point can be replaced, people and their souls are the valuable commodity in all situations good and bad.

I truly pray that God will touch each and every life that was touched by awful storms the ability to heal, adapt to a new normal, and rebuild their lives. This prayer includes believers and nonbelievers for the recovery. Now that the shock is subsiding and reality is setting in, on these displaced and battered people a new battle is developing.  The battle for the ability to move on.  Please continue to pray!

Many thanks to the volunteers and agencies who have done everything they can to help in this recovery effort. My niece survived by evacuating, she lost her vehicle and many belongings. Pray for strength for each and every person who believes in Jesus that they will be the beacons of hope that is needed for such a tragedy.

Time will never completely heal the tragedy and its impact. The fields are truly ripe unto harvest but the laborers are few. Pray for strength for the laborers of Jesus Christ and that the gospel of Jesus Christ would be accepted by many. These are the first steps into wisdom and healing.

Humbly submitted,


We Christians are called to reality, fact is,  this world is a mix of hurt, failing, disappointment mixed with a touch of hope that will overcome all the mess we live in. Reality is then, what invisible world is remaining after this visible world is made NEW. Our reality is yet directly unseen by us. Yet, hints of this unseen world are now dimly viewed in a glass/vision/dream for now.

The best part of Reality is inclusive of God’s unfailing love for all people.  We are the ones who must decide if this “Too good to be true offer of God’s love” is to be accepted or not.  A life time, however long or short, is given to make this decision.  I invite you with words to accept God’s gift of love, God invites you with open arms to welcome you and your soul, then start walking with the only everlasting truth out there.

In true Hope,