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Hello! Welcome and thank you for stopping by. My name is Denny and if you believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted His gift, you are a sibling of mine! You are especially welcome if you’re not a believer and you are reading this blog. My only hope is that I can plainly tell you the mystery that I searched for, years and years to find out what the gospel really is. I am glad you are here with all your questions and doubts. You have nothing on me because I was a believing unbelief for years. Now that’s a real mess. I am not very good at writing, but it will not stop me from sharing in this format the thing that I’ve been searching for, for a long time. If you read my blogs you will know that I am not a trained theologian or even a great thinker. I’m a plain guy that has discovered some things about Jesus Christ and I am looking for a way to interactively talk about what I found out to the world. If you’re reading this in your part of the world I welcome all your comments, criticisms, corrections, instructions, and any other comments you might have. I would request that you be respectful of how I believe, even if it’s dead wrong, but please do not think I will not listen to your comments or read them. As time allows I hope to get through all of them and well, I think I’m being rather presumptuous that there will be any comments, but I hope there are. I do attend a fellowship of believers that Grace has grabbed hold of them and the fellowship is good. No, not perfect, unfortunately, they are fallen beings also and none of them are perfect. But, if they were perfect and I showed up they would no longer be perfect because of me. So I find this essence of people working through grace and truth a very attractive one and one that I can be a part of. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, had a wonderful family, of course, Yes, it did have flaws and was imperfect. My folks made sure I went to church whether I wanted to or not, and it was good for me. I knew there was something up when I was saved, I was afraid to tell anybody because I really did not understand what happened to me, yet there was a change in me. Then a year or so later I was baptized. I didn’t really understand what baptism was but I knew it was important to be baptized to be identified with Jesus. So I went through with it. Well after drifting around sports and having fun on my own and having church on Sundays I felt more a drift than anchored in my faith. Then at about 24-25 years old I felt really lost, I probably prayed my best prayers ever then, but I felt it was very audacious of me to ask God to make a difference in my life. I actually threatened to leave and not go to church anymore. But God was good. He opened up a class that was especially for my needs, well at least felt needs. For the first time I understood a little bit more about what fellowship was in the church and the people could be connected outside of Sunday. This was a very good awakening. After that part of my life dropped out, I moved on to a mission situation in a new community church. It was those 10 years of my life that were the best of times and the worst of times. I lost a great community and found a mediocre community. Okay toughen up Denny be tough it is a mission situation not an established situation so back off complaining and do what you came to do. So with the best attitude I could muster that’s what I did. I ended up being head usher and head elder and treasurer all at the same time. Learned a lot about church was I ever super Christian! LOL! I was working hard for that salvation that God freely gave to me, but at the time I did not know it. Grace was just something we said at the table. I was living well back then. I didn’t raise a ruckus and lived a pretty tight and secure life. There was not much that someone could say because I was near blameless. Yes I did forget things from time to time and everybody razzed me about it but there were no major breakdowns. I was a pretty good fellow, I was extremely miserable, but a pretty good fellow, even dependable. Then God began crashing in on me, I was never so miserable doing something good in my entire life. Have you ever been there? If you have you know it’s a miserable place to be. Yet I still did not find what I was looking for. So, it was time for another church! Right? I went to a church then that was a lot of fun. Got back to a community that I was a part of and was a part of me. Got active again, not quite as active but was leading a group and enjoying it, yet that hole was still missing what I needed. I had the rhetoric down about how to live for Jesus and make God happy! Except for the fact, I wasn’t excited about serving God, and was still on the search for that something real in Christianity for that fellowship. Funny(and painful) thing how over the years I had taken the advice of Christians on how to be real. Bought a house to become real, and then came new regulations on being real. Then I got married, I still was not real the standard of the real was continually changing and I never could make the grade for the standard. It was always just out of my reach. If I was stupid enough to reach for it I could do it but after all my past failures I did not reach for it anymore I was frustrated. I was also getting older, still playing the church game and hoping that God would understand. I don’t know if I had to go through all those things and failures to finally be soft enough to look at God as my all in all. Evidently I was still hard because then I had to suffer through a divorce. Sorry to all of you who think divorce is the final sin that will not allow me into heaven. Now I’m at peace about it. The Gospel covers it. Try reading Romans 8:1 if you don’t believe me. It was the stark first for me, that I never understood Christianity, because Romans 8 the first verse was so unpracticed in Christianity. Then one of my very liberal Christian friends gave me a book by Timothy Keller. (Prodigal God) For the very first time in my life the thing and I had been searching for was touched. The Gospel was finally spelled out and taught to me for the very first time. The Gospel did not have an absolute rule/ power over me. It did set up a new unbelief in me. I actually thought that the gospel was too good to be true! There was nothing here on this earth that I can compare the Gospel to. I still struggle with how impossibly good the gospel is. To find that Christianity is the only belief system out there, at least once I looked at, that the God who set the impossibly hard standard came lived the standard then took the punishment for all those who could not keep the standard. Then freely gave all the righteousness to His children that Jesus had amassed and took all the deadly sin away for accepting His gift. Simply acknowledging that he is God of you life. You cannot add anything to the Gospel truth without destroying its message. God is good.!! As I live to this truth it changes me every time I think about it. Yes I still struggle with sins, but I have hope that even if I die on a bad day I will be accepted into heaven because of the work that Jesus did. My work has nothing to do with my entrance into heaven but it has everything to do with the work that Jesus did on the cross for my sake and yours. The gospel is about God’s performance and His work on the cross and has nothing to do with my performance. I could never in 1000 lifetimes of just dropping the all the bad that I did and adding just the all good together, I would fail to earn my way into heaven. But God did in the single act of living the cross and resurrection.(yes a single act) And in the act that was finished on the cross a new testament and He did not take away my free will I can still choose to sin or not to sin. This is the story God gave me and the point is to attempt to share it with you. I hope you do not have to suffer as long as I did to find the pureness of the work of the cross and resurrection. The gospel is unimaginable not comparable purest good ever experienced on earth, no wonder I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel demands little and gives all we ever really needed.


“If you have no fear you are not following God close enough! Therefore it is good to have some fear.”

Overcome your fear by following truth in all faith as you navigate your day and the remainder of your life.

In Christ,


Of Adventures away and Back again!

I had surgery, I definitely do not like being in the hospital!  But they did a fine job taking care of me, getting me on the road to recovery.  I would like to thank each of my caretakers and every one of you for your prayers.  They were abundantly answered in a very positive way for me.  I also pray that your kindnesses and blessing you have been to me would be returned to you many times over in the coming New Year.

I had bilateral knee replacement.  Recovery is painful and slow, but the results have been phenomenal.  I may even be looking for a dance partner!  If you are single female and interested, please apply at dennyisms and other thoughts LOL!  My sense of humor is even coming back, I think!  It is good to want to be able to walk and enjoy life again without the pain of the original knees.

I am finding it is not such a chore to smile anymore.  The smile now is not motivated by overcoming pain, but out of the peacefulness of very little pain which is much easier.  Not that I was faking my smiles I was truly enjoying the challenge of living.  My participation level in living had dropped off immensely.  Everything in my life was controlled by the pain experienced in two knees thereby limiting activities because of allocation of energy to overcome pain.

As I said, recovery is intensely painful at times.  Seeing the improvement in my range of motion was encouraging and the pain was growing more temporary.  Facing the pain as I went to therapy sessions was a mental exercise.  Had to remind myself that life enjoyment was the goal, whatever God has decided to give me to live, was more important than the pain that I was suffering to get better and be fully mobile.  So into the pain I advanced.  If you did the things to me that cause pain on the level of PT while on the street, I would have defended myself fiercely without conscience. Yet God was there and took as a team the pain that was there. The Help of prayers and answers from God.

Then in the battle of one of my more painful sessions, the thought came to me:  On the cross, Jesus endured all forms of pain known to humankind.  I stumbled upon the idea that he should help me bear up under the pain and I began saying: yes God this is my pain, would you please take it from me because I can handle it anymore.  In this the far-reaching work of God on the cross came home to rest in a new way to me.  Only realization of how true it is that God will never leave us or forsake us was reinforced at a completely new level.  Pain is truly a gift in deep cover bearing insight and power of living.

I humbly thank each of you for your prayers.  Seems I cannot say this enough!   May your troubles in the New Year be handled with wisdom and care.  May the blessings and joy not be taken for granted or received as deserved.  Let each good event be celebrated and treasured as we navigate this life we have been given.

In Thanksgiving,



For all who have pain with no cure or little hope. I pray for you in your pain and I have tasted a brief moment of your daily pain.  I lift up you in your courageous battle as you give of yourself to folks who do not understand your battle.  Stand strong in the Hope God is with you and feels each moment of your pain.  Jesus is not untouched by your pain and struggle.

I do not understand how God will do this, But God will make all your suffering be transformed into joy in His time.This is the hope that you are headed to as a child of God.  Not one moment will be missed because the true record keeper is with you experiencing each agony with you.  You are precious in His sight, and enduring what his mission is for you.

Stay in the battle my fellow labor in Christ Jesus,  He will never leave or forsake you.  You are living in all hope and courage, Your hope is a blessing to all who catch a flavor of it as they cross your path.  You can not see it but God never forgets!

Worthy Birth, Dec. 25

Happy Birthday Jesus!  Thank you for offering THE GIFT to we who had nothing to give.  Thank you for the choice you give us in this life on how to deal with you.  You have never forced anyone to follow you into your Kingdom.  Only a willing soul of humility, faith and forgiveness can reenter the lost fellowship with God through Faith in Jesus.

God’s Gospel through Jesus has not had to change because the Gospel addresses our deepest needs.  Our needs of forgiveness, love, belonging, purpose, and  the fact of no abandonment or rejection of God’s children.  This family security is derived from Jesus’s life, not on His children who fail at being perfect.  No worries.

God is the source of all good that has ever happened and has no responsibility for the evil and corruption in this world.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, do not let the fog of the battle hide the true way of life from you.  Come taste and see for yourself that relationship with God is Good and worth your choosing to accept Spirits call to turn away from separation from God.

Merry Jesus Christ Birth celebration,




Hi All!  Looks like I will be away for a few weeks.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for this time away.   To all of you, keep up the wonderful work on the blogs so I will have even more to look forward to as we share together in this fun format.  May the creator God bless and keep you. May His face shine on you and give you peace and rest.  Remember to rest in the Love of Jesus often in this hustle and bustle Season.  I will miss all of you.

I have not been keeping up lately with the blogs for this I ask your forgiveness. However I am looking forward to catching up when I can.


Joy and blessings to you and yours,


Dealing with spiritual grief

This post from Scott is spot on for grief and its blessing and danger. I waited to re-blog this closer to the Holidays because of the troubled relations and disappointment of relationships is emotionally volatile this time of the year.

A prayer to go along with this post: Dad help me to depend on you for life more than people around me. Strengthen me in your love to forgive as the hurt is painful. Lead me in your everlasting way. Remind me of some of your last words on the cross,,, Forgive them for they know not what they do.,,,,, Lord help me to focus on the kindness that this season brings, let me see how and when I can participate in bringing joy to others in in spite/war with my pain. Teach me the humble way to live and love in your everlasting way. Honor and Glory all belong to you Lord Jesus. I need you to be able to walk in your everlasting way. Help me to see your answer Lord, I am blind with out your sight. All this I pray to honor and Glorify you, Shine bright Jesus. In Jesus’s Name I pray, I believe, Amen.

Scott's Blog

I have to admit I struggle greatly with allowing grief to rule my life. I start out seeing bad things in the world and feel sad. I start thinking that people are out to get me and don’t care about me and only want what they can get for themselves.

These things are true. The world has a lot of bad stuff in it and most people are only interested in their own stuff. How guilty am I of the same thing. I wish everyone cared about what I am thinking. They simply do not just as I’m thinking different from them as well.

The problem is not so much that evil is real as my own decision to be sorrowful about it. Instead of thankful to Jesus for all He is doing despite the evil.

The more I meditate on evil things the more depressed I get. Two ailments…

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In Thanksgiving

Hello to all my blog friends new and not so new, I enjoy the work you have posted.  First, I would like to thank you for reading this blog and all the many blogs that are out there.  Thank you on a deeper Level that is a bit more personal; I would like to thank you for the likes and comments that you have given.  You have encouraged me to continue to write even though I am not very good at it.  Thank you!

Thanksgiving has to be the one holiday that I enjoy the most!  You really do not have to have a significant other, you really do not have to buy gifts, most everybody has a special dish they make, even us guys!  We get together in a group of people and you enjoy each other, even if relationships are strained a bit. Thanksgiving always has brought a truce and upped the level of enjoyment for the day.  I know Thanksgiving celebrated in the United States at the end of November.  Why just one day, why not always?

As being, a member of the family of Jesus Christ, Thanksgiving never ends for me as a life calling.  As I interact with people, I consistently try to bring in a thank you for something they have done.  However, as I read my blog I see very little Thanksgiving to people that I interact with the blog on paper.  I think I have some explaining to do!  LOL!  Now you see some of my imperfection and inconsistency that I live with. OH!  I had to put it on paper too…..

I thank you Lord for letting me see my inconsistency in this matter of giving thanks.  I still need your help Lord, but moving on.  The first Thanksgiving after you peel away the fantasized stories surrounding Thanksgiving they did not have much of a foundation for Thanksgiving.  In the previous Winter and Spring, many people died and hope was slowly drying up.  Nevertheless, some help came along, they had a good crop with healthy people there were, to plant and cultivate the hoped for harvest.

The survivors of the group purposed to give thanks to God in spite of their loss, hurt, sickness, reduced numbers, and in less hope still purposed to give thanks to their creator.  What a shaky start to the beginning of a new winter, to give thanks to Creator knowing you might not be here next year to give thanks, nevertheless, you still give thanks.  I am thinking this is grace under fire and the hope against all thinkable odds.  Why?  Because God is true, before they came, in their trouble they were having, and for all the future, the Lord God creator is worthy.  They gave thanks to the creator in humility not pride.

Now for the Thanksgiving challenge!  There are people around you, some you like some you do not like.  Can you find it in your heart with grit and steadfastness to thank the people, not just your favorites for something good they did to someone else or you?  Do you have the intestinal fortitude forgive; sure, it will cost you dearly.  Forgiveness is not free forgiveness is costly to the one who forgives.

I do not ask for you to forget.  I only ask that you forgive.  Do not set yourself up for abuse by the person again.  Forgive the person deep in your heart, then let that forgiveness flow out of your heart and let them figure out on their own if they are forgiven or not.  Maybe never they will they know.  Will this compromise your sense of justice?  Maybe, think about the unmerited love and forgiveness that Jesus gave us at a great price.  Did this upset justice?  No, justice is still in place and active, Jesus decided to pay it all for us, now can we pay for someone’s forgiveness, paying the price of giving forgiveness?

That is a big task I just ask you to do.  Now, for a fun one, think about the year that has just passed; from past Thanksgiving till now.  Is there anyone you can think of that you can thank per specifically what they did for you.  The process will be like this, I thank you, their name, for this marvelous thing that you did for me.  It really meant a lot, made things better for me when you did this and I just wanted to say thank you.  The person answers:  it was nothing.  You answer immediately: it was really something to me and I thank you again.

How many people can you think of to give a purposeful thank you given out of your heart?  I have found it is a very fun thing to do.  Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone!  No matter where you are give thanks!  I thank you for reading and interacting with this blog.  I thank you for posting your blog is because they are fun to read.  I thank you for posting your photographs they have been a visual feast.  I thank you for the time you put into your blogs.  Now get out there mix it up with people, be a blessing, and have fun giving thanks.

With much thankfulness,


Giving Thanks

How many people can you think of to give a purposeful thank you given out of your heart.?  I have found it is a very fun thing to do.  Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone!  No matter where you are give thanks!  I thank you for reading and interacting with this blog.  I thank you for posting your blog is because they are fun to read.  I thank you for posting your photographs they have been a visual feast.  I thank you for the time the you put into your blogs.  Now get out there mix it up with people and be a blessing and have fun giving thanks.

With much thankfulness,


Three Line Tales, Week 91

What would you do?

A little lower, a little right rudder, slow down, ready to grab, after grab apply power.

Plenty of flight calculations and a lot of skill, this is what I did for a cookie.

Now the real question is, what would you do for a Klondike bar?

Only 100 Words

Welcome to Week 91 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales week 91: a raven at Stonehenge for Halloween photo by Julien Laurent via Unsplash

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
  • Link back to this post (& check the link shows up under the weekly post).
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!

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Of Love and NO

In Jesus’s expression of love to us, his own father said “no” to Jesus.  When this happened Jesus replied my God my God why have you forsaken me?  This is a true experience of  the hell of no relationship with God.  In the garden, his disciples fell asleep.  In the garden, Adam and Eve said they wanted Knowledge of good and evil more than God and relationship with God.  God in the deepest purest way knows the sound of NO when it feels like it is going to crush the life out of you.

Yes, Jesus completed the fulfillment of the cross and resurrection because he loves you, not for himself,  Jesus first loved you.  Jesus is the root cause of all manifestations of love for believers in God and unbelievers.  Without God, there is no source for love to build on.  Therefore, when friends tell me “I will just have a beer with my friends in hell” they are assuming the love of friendship they have in this time will go on in hell.  NO, love of any kind is separated infinitely far away from the realm of hell.

Lucifer is the god of “I” and “I” only.  Hate, fear, loneliness, no morals, and no love a complete absence of good will are the rule in the realm of Hell.  There is hope though in the master and commander of love in the work of Jesus Christ only.  I would think this exclusive claim and narrow way of thought as superior and arrogant if I did not know the plan of God through the Bible AKA The Word of God.

Jesus is the most exclusive offer to humankind, yet at the same moment the offer of God cannot deny anyone entrance who calls on Jesus’s name in humility of soul, heart, and mind.  If you believe there is Good and evil in the world then you are on a path that acknowledges there is a God.  This is not enough for salvation, Lucifer knows good and evil yet is not redeemed but is independent from God.

If you have loved or been loved you have experienced a photograph of what God’s love is about.  Love is very tough but, must be accepted to do any good in eternity.  This is the decision humankind holds in their heart and mind to make in regards to God.  If we decide that good behavior, doing good, or God’s good grace will get everyone into heaven you are being blinded by the evil one and denying God.

If we decide to avoid the God issue altogether, we are still deciding against God.  Keeping this decision in the total control of humankind is what knowledge of good and evil is all about.  For this Knowledge to be active in our life it must be experienced and we get to decide who is the source of evil.  If we reject God’s gift of salvation or plea no contest in our decision about God, these decisions are counted as against the existence of God.

God, because He gave it, cannot and will not, take your personal privilege of choice about God away from you, will at the appointed time honor your decision and will send you away from heaven.  God cannot take your choice away from you.  It is your choice not God’s.

God says “No” to no one on the entry to heaven.  This decision is solely in in our clay hands to deal with. The answer God gives to you will be the answer you gave to him as you lived here in this life.  God is inviting you to His home in Heaven every moment of your life.  What are you going to do in this decision?

The love of God will start a change in you and your thinking.  God paid a near infinite price for your salvation.  Satan is a near infinite being, is finally proven finite by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  The grave could not hold Jesus!  If you accept Jesus’s gift of salvation, death will not hold you either for the same reason.  Which is: God’s love will lift me into heaven, because I submitted to his will and love here, and believed with faith that his grace, mercy, and love is sufficient.

This faith is tested by the reality that I am able to see, when I see how ugly people treat each other, or watch the news, I perceive how evil and wrong this world is.  I must remember the ways of this world will pass away, like Satan they are finite. What will be left?

Nevertheless, some sweet day all evil and shadows of evil will be separated along with all those who choose to deny God.  After this division, the thing that will remain in heaven is pure God love.  Heaven will be pure illumination of mind heart, soul, and body with infinite peace and tranquility.  We will have an eternity to explore the adventure of God.  Every day will be an adventure of awe-inspiring proportions and the body that can withstand this pure joy.

Adrenaline jockeys think they are brave when they do death-defying stunts and manage to live through all their trials.  Facing death may be a thrill but only in this life!  Facing life and knowing that you are going to go on will be so much more rich and exciting because you are exploring The infinite God who is the source of life.  Death will have lost its power and there will be no more cheating death.  Adrenaline jockeys always faced death to make themselves feel alive.  With life abundant from God it is going to be incredibly rich and lively as we live the adventure of real life.

God will say No to all forms of evil to protect his beloved children because of love.  Jesus offers to take all your evil and remove it from you because of God’s love.  He will never say no to you if you ask for forgiveness in sin you/we still bear in this flesh as it experiences good and evil, because of God’s love gives you the choice.  How do you decide this issue in your heart and mind?

Religion will not allow you to find yourself, religion is more like a carrot at the end of a stick to entice you to an impossible goal.  Relationship with God is the only way to find yourself through Jesus Christ.  Jesus completely immersed himself in you as you immerse yourself in him, there is no carrot, just manifestation of his truth and  love for his bride.  This adventure is not for the weak in mind or fainthearted.  Let me know how you decide, come on back and read for more things that you can decide on.

Respectfully submitted,


Life and Love

I have been a passenger on earth for 6o orbits, somehow I thought I would be closer to God and know more about God than I do right now.  Humor would help at this moment, an old person joke of some kind,  not now OK, but I will assume most of you are younger than I.  The one thing you have to know and grow in is, how much God loves you. I have never gotten to the bottom or sides of his love. The other happenings and blessings in life are a bonus to God’s LOVE.

Even when it seems God is far away the truth is, His love and mercy endures forever.  Bible knowledge is wonderful.  If you want your cup to overflow with His love, meditate on how much God has shown His love to you and all of us.

To know God and walk with Him is to know love.  If you are full of God’s love there is not as much room for sin to derail you.  God’s love includes a place for hate too hate is not inconsistent with love.

God’s hate is focused on death which sin introduced to us.  God’s Love stomped this deadly foe with His love for us.  God’s love is not a wimpy sentiment, but an all-powerful life giving, irrevocable, life improving, change agent whose work will endure into eternity.

On the cross of Jesus, there were several basic events on display.  These events are interdependent, so one cannot be more important than the other is.  Jesus had fulfilled the law and all its requirements when he said, “It is finished.”  Jesus was 100% human He bled and died.

Jesus asked for forgiveness to be given to his persecutors, this is part of his mission and a foundation to reconciliation of relationship to God.  Jesus was not immune from the separation sin causes; Father and Spirit forsook Jesus when Jesus became sin for you and me.

I am quite sure there are many other events displayed at the cross, this was never intended to be an exhaustive list.  I have never heard this taught but I will share this.  The thought is that if Jesus did not became human he would not have had the weakness in him to die for our sin.

In his God state, he could not be killed or judged or die to pay for all sin, he had to become vulnerable as a human, an offspring of a woman.  The other seed which came together in Mary was Spirit, not a man providing Jesus’ God attribute.

Emmanuel is God with us in flesh, yes, God walking around in skin.  Therefore, Jesus has the unique makeup of being 100% God and 100% man at the same moment in time.  This is how God kept the law to live a perfect life.  This is how God allowed love to hold him to the cross as no nail or judgment of man could hold Jesus on the cross, but his love for his father and us could.

One of the overlooked events in the cross account is the resurrection!  Jesus was crucified, dead, not almost dead, completely dead, while in that death Jesus took up life again showing his true God powers over life and resurrection.  If you join God’s family, we are resurrected into his life everlasting and given his family name.  All we had to do is trade in death to get life everlasting.

Our access to heaven 100% based on the life Jesus has already lived perfectly and given to each believer in Christ. Because of this every person who has accepted God’s gift will be in heaven based on Jesus’s perfect life being added to each of his children.  This is the gospel.  All this was provided through the weakness of one man named Jesus, who was not rich as this world counts richness but shared the wealth he had with each and every person who will deal with him in true humility which is our weakness.

In my weakness, becoming a believer in Christ through his gift, i found there is bountiful and rich sources of God’s help.  When God gave Abraham his covenant promise that many would be blessed through his seed, it was Jesus in particular and the gospel in general that completed this covenant.  Abraham was unable to walk through the sacrificed animal parts to complete the promise,  Abraham  saw  God walk alone to make the promise in a vision.

This indicates that only God could unilaterally love us enough to send is very own sacrifice so that we could regain relationship with God,  God would share his home heaven with us.  God and God alone made the promise and paid the price for restoring our relationship with him. Not Human good behavior, but God’s perfect behavior.

I did a modification of the first 3 rules of Real estate, location, location, location.  Location is the definitive measuring stick of value to the property you have for sale.  In Christianity it is something else altogether.  As a Christian the first three rules of being a Christian would be always founded on this truth found in Romans 8.

The first three rules for a believer in Christ are these:

1) No condemnation

2) No condemnation

3) No condemnation

This is God’s measuring stick, Provided by God, Lived by God, Gifted to all who accept the love by God.  This is the value of being one of God’s children.  This is why God’s children are valuable and worthy of life. Yes, even on a horrid day.

Read Romans 7, then focus on Romans 8: 1-2 for my source.  Just have to love God and his good news on this one!  Now this is beginning to understand what it means to be first loved by God.  While being loved by God you are taking steps into learning about life and life, more abundant as God has said it would be as a believer in Christ.

This is our hope in Christ Jesus: he took up life from death.  He wants to do the same for you.  We are born with a death sentence on our head, only God can Save us from this curse.   If you have not had an encounter with the love of Jesus, then ask Jesus for an encounter with him, he is with you.  We are naturally blind to God and His help.  Jesus has been calling you your entire life ever so gently but consistently.

God’s love beckons you wherever  you are.  God calls the unbeliever into fellowship with him, and the believer into closer fellowship with him.  The unbeliever whom God invites to his family, but the unbeliever must decide to accept the invitation as God gives it.  If you are a believer God calls you to be a walk continually closer with him, again the believer has to accept the invitation.

The commonness of both invitations is this, if you humble yourself and accept God’s offer, you will be humbled and then lifted up by God.  If the decision is not to accept God’s offer we will become prideful and fall away from God’s uplifting love.

God humbled himself on the cross to show you how much he loves you.  Are you willing to humble self and walk humbly with God, the way Jesus has walks humbly for and with you?  God is true life and love.


Time Sign

I have found I can make most any little sign a reason to do what I want.

Some signs I misread, to the book of love, which understands me I turn for truth in all time.

Truth, good, and justice is what I desire in life I live, fruits of peace, for this I must hunt.




Welcome to Week 89 of Three Line Tales.   Just join in when you can!



If you have ever heard the term eating humble pie you will understand the lesson I learned.  Only a few short years ago I learned that eating humble pie is the best meal I have ever eaten.  When the good Lord humbles you, it is the God of the universe who is dining with you as you eat your humble pie.

Humble pie prepares me to serve God.  It is that moment when he stands at the door and knocks, if you let him in you will be humbled because your perfection is nowhere near his perfection.  Keep in mind God is infinite and I am finite.   If you pass on letting him in as he knocks, pride will consume you. Dine often in God’s presence, it is good.

Please do not confuse abuse with humility!  Abuse is for self-gain of the abuser and is hate to the abused.   Especially if the abuser apologizes profusely after the act.  Humility however is a mutual uplift of two souls and a reuniting in relationship.  Abuse generates hate and false humility.  Humility generates love and respect on a two-way highway of love and respect.