Prayer is in the foundations of life on earth. Prayer can not be seen except by its answers. Now how fast can you get an answer? I believe, wireless sends/receives at about the speed of light.. Prayer from mankind is the speed of thought… God is before all thought of mankind… Now please,,, How fast is that?

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3 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Some prayers He answers quickly, others take a while with repeated requests. It’s all in His time for our own good. Enjoy your day, Denny…


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    1. Hi Steve,
      When we pray we have connection with God. The other stuff requested is a God timed answer. Just as you said. The connection with God is in an instant answer with no delay. Connection with The God of all creation in my thinking is the answer we seek and it happens as we live and speak to God. We have instant access to His throne of Grace and God listens. His physical answers are wonderful when they come along in His timing. But we connect with an awesome God every time. Maybe this is not the real point of Prayer but this instant God connection just thrills me.

      Thanks Steve for your insight and I agree with what you said, Maybe I should be more clear when I post. When I posted this it was a moment of praise and I could not let it go. You helped me clarify the thought I was attempting to get across.

      With thanks,

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      1. I like the humble and respectful way with which you reply, Denny. Just the opposite of prideful and arrogant. Like you, I try to speak with words “seasoned with salt” as they will be more often well received. You are just fine with much of what you post, my friend. Let God guide your heart regarding things such as baptism, I will pray for you as I do many who ponder this very crucial point of scripture…

        With all due respect,

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