A prayer

Dad, it’s me again.  You never cease to amaze me Dad, even though I know you are an awesome God.  You manage to be wonderful even in the worst of times, and the best celebrator of the best of times I’ve ever experienced.

I ask for strength from you heavenly Dad, to help me always be ready for an answer to anyone who asked the reason of your hope in me.  I ask for strength to endure as you show me things about me that I don’t understand and don’t know at this moment.  Those are truly tough times as you expose the reality of who I am.  I need a God who is exactly like you Lord.

Dad, exceedingly far greater is the blessing as you expose the reality of who you are to me.  Your love and care for us as human beings is far beyond compare of anything I’ve seen on this earth.  Your redemptive power is far greater than anything I know of.  Your love to us is unfailing.  Your love Dad is so strong that it creates doubt in me that it could even be true.  Help my unbelief.  Can anything be as good as you heavenly Dad?

I humbly ask for wisdom to be able to see through Lucifer’s shenanigans, falsehoods, entrapments, and shadowy threats of death so that I can see You in your purity Lord.  I ask for words and actions to display you here on this earth heavenly dad that you might be able to use this life, you gave, to make a difference for your Kingdom and increase it.

I thank you for your provision Lord whatever might be, for you are good and able no matter what my circumstances are.  Teach me to forgive my neighbor and then love them like you do.  As You Do This through me Dad, do not allow me to become proud and high-minded.  All good and perfect gifts come from you only Lord.

You are all power Lord, please keep me connected.  You are all Glory Lord, allow me to see and celebrate with you.  Keep me ever mindful that you are eternal Lord, allow my finiteness to honor and glorify you in this life.  Thank you Lord, for being worthy of all my praise and trust in all life my heavenly Dad.

In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.

Your child Dad,


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