Theocracy thought…”LTD.”

In the Abrahamic covenant, I have always struggled why God gave us the land before he gave us the promise of His Son. My Argument Was It Did Not Seem Consistent with God That He Would put Land before People! But It Seems, I was looking at scripture Very Wrong. It Was God Looking into Our Hearts and Seeing Our Need of a Place to Be before Our Soul Needs Could Be Addressed.

So my best guess application of this would be; we need to have a place, a land that is working and operational for us to believe in.  God asking faith in a living Jesus Christ and His tenants of  the gospel represented the land.  This faith would express itself as taking care of the poor, getting people off welfare, reintegration of prisoners back into society, as a demonstration of love and our faith in an unlimited God. A place to go to, so to have a sure faith in its existence.

Then we would have to have faith in God, as always, for his blessings to change hearts and souls into living believers. “Government” cannot do this on its own because it does not believe in God, which makes the church the only viable option. For example, when King David was King of Israel there was a theocracy in full operation as he governed God’s people.

When King David drifted away from God, King David was hurt and the people he ruled over along with him. When King David was in good fellowship with God following righteousness and demonstrating faith, everyone was blessed in David’s Kingdom.

Where is this happening today inside our church? Have we become as inefficient as the government in doling out our love to those in need? I believe I am seeing some movement in churches to unify instead of cannibalizing each other in a very unhealthy spiritual manner. What a struggle to do what God intended.

The CHURCH has stepped away from this “welfare service” over the years and allowed the government to really mess things up. So, we the CHURCH “need?” (better word needed!) to practice our unity in one God, as God practices His unique oneness in His Trinity. Then we would have a relationship that would invite others, our neighbors, into an operational Christ-like community.

This call is only for believers to be in unity in Christ Jesus. Not the government not unbelievers! We need to create this place for ourselves, for until this is operational and visible to everyone it is only an idea. Ideas are tough to sell these days! We have stepped aside as God’s operational Church and allowed the government to do our ministry of helping others who are troubled.

Current Government in operation of HELPING people does not understand how to help! Today Government is more lost than it was 60 years ago. God has given us an example to pattern after. Why should he bless us when we do government our own way and exclude Him. By the way, the Church is a living entity, the bride of Christ. The Church is able to adapt to the changing social situations without loss of its life or mission.

Writing this makes me extremely uncomfortable; I do not think I’m the best example to be writing this.

As I am being changed moment by moment, I ask myself, do I want to be an active agent in this unity? I do not believe it is widespread out there yet. But I am seeing rumblings of the Gospel being paramount in churches, from the pulpit, a call back to the foundations of the faith and practicing tenants that have been set aside.

Am I going to enter this battle for my generation?  With God’s help, I can withstand the pain and heartbreak when people deny the Lord’s Gospel.

A servant of God by choice,





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