Now, what could this mean?  A Jesus invited divorce?  I was just talking about the divisions in the creation account and in heaven and with people.  Yes, the Bible says Jesus hates divorce.  But divorce has more meaning than a union of two people.  There is a marriage of God that is used repeatedly in the Bible to speak to the relationship between God and mankind.

My question is this: would God marry someone who is already married to this world and the Prince the power of the air?  Would not we have to end the relationship with the world before God would marry us?  Is God a bigamist?  God forbid As to the divorce I speak of is a divorce from this world and its ways.  Another way to say it is a divorce from the natural to make way for the supernatural.  And maybe another way to say it is the old man passes away and behold all things are become new!

This is one of the reasons I think divorce has to be part of this world.  We have to understand what separation from something near and dear to us is in order to make the step from the natural to the supernatural.  No, you do not have to be married and suffer a divorce of two people.  You can see it in many other ways and loss is a huge one.

Have you suffered a loss that staggers you?  I mean a loss the sometimes even now after years it still staggers you when you think about it.  This loss could be any number of things or people.  Yet, somehow you continue to live and function on a different level.  Has there been healing?  Have you invited or communed with God about the loss and the suffering of it?  Have you just made your own way with little hope?

There has to be a faith in something that is impossible or cannot be seen for the transaction to the supernatural to take place.  Warning!  Do not give up this world until you are ready to take God on as your king.  If you do let go of this world your ending place will be far more tragic than your starting place without God.  There will be many spirits that will fill your void or separation from this world, all of them evil if God does not fill you.  Jesus loves you, but he must be invited in of your free will.  Jesus knocks and waits.

I have often said the biggest problem with being a living sacrifice (a Christian) is  I want to crawl off the altar of sacrifice every once in a while!  Well, maybe more often!  Being a practicing Christian is a moment by moment is a challenge.  The bewilderment in being torn between this world and the supernatural kingdom of God as we navigate our decisions for living life, make a choice God is with you.  Even to the end of the world.  Or we could be just maliciously fooled by the evil one.

For example, The desire of the Israelites to return to Egypt after they were promised the promise land is a real example of how we as Christians interact with God.  One day, we are awed by God, as in the parting of the Red Sea and the destruction of their pursuers.  Another day, we built an idol (FOR ISRAEL A GOLDEN CALF) and begin to worship it because we feel God has left us without a leader.

The divorce from this world is so difficult.  Sometimes I cannot tell whether it is God or this world and its infectious thinking that is leading me.  The struggle is real and Satan is very deceitful and successful in threading himself into our walk with God.  Satan is not only a deceiver he is and accuser.  This makes the divorce difficult in the struggle to walk with God and away from this world.

A true God is always there no matter which direction we go.  Our Lord is full of grace, in season and out of season, no matter how bad the decision we made is, he is with us.  His desire is to heal us and get us back on track to a relationship walk with God.  Sometimes we willingly walk back into sin, like a dog returning to its vomit, lapping it up knowing it’s the sickness of death for us!  But we still indulge.

There is a song, “Mercy there was great, and Grace was free, pardon there was multiplied to me.  There my burden soul found liberty, at Calvary.”  This is the gospel truth that is the true and pure hope of every believer.

At least in my thinking grace is general and goes to anyone.  God sends the rain on the just and the unjust.  They both can eat.  Mercy, however, is when salvation kicks in and we realize the grace that we are getting.  We then acknowledge the source of our grace and we humble ourselves before God in all, because we know we don’t deserve the grace given by God.  Mercy acknowledgement  is the highest praise to God!  Even while basking in God’s mercy, his grace is so necessary for a Christian to live because none is holy,  No, not one.  This is a truth of Scripture.  Shalom my friends, shalom.

You do not need a bible or another person, God is available. Make your own words, tell God of you true need for Jesus. Then find a fellowship that is full of grace for you to safely learn in fellowship.  Unfortunately, not all “church buildings” hold strong humble believers, so do not give up your search for fellowship.

Divorce yourself from this old world, then get married to God as quickly as possible through his salvation and enjoy the gospel.  The battle is hot but one of the facets of shalom is that God will keep your heart and mind sound in the hottest of battles.  I welcome all new believers to the best fellowship ever. Long time believers be welcoming of our young believers, bringing them up in the grace and nurture of our Lord.  I welcome your comments.

Sincerely yours, in Shalom,





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