Fashion statement or Sin Payment?

I will have to admit the photograph above of this beautiful piece of jewelry gave me a very strong reaction when I saw it. I am unsure as to all the feelings that went together to make me feel the way I did, maybe disrespect, accepting the cross as being beautiful to the eye,  just being accepted  as something that is fashion not of  faith.  I feel a deep anger as I write this. And I know that God will forgive me for my anger if it is wrong and also the makers and purchasers of this artwork of the cross of Jesus.

The God who accepted the mission of bringing God the Father’s love to this earth for our benefit laid down His life on the cross. I put the God-man on the cross because of my sin. Every time I see a Cross I feel unworthy of the love that was extended to me by an exceedingly wonderful God at an unmeasurable cost. I also experience the hope of the resurrection as I see the curse.

Galatians 3:13

New Living Translation

But Christ has rescued us from the curse pronounced by the law. When he was hung on the cross, he took upon himself the curse for our wrongdoing. For it is written in the Scriptures, “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.”

Strange, I do not find the cross worn as jewelry as being offensive. I do find it very challenging every time I see a cross whether on a T-shirt, made of gold, made of wood, made of spike nails, painted, inked, the media doesn’t matter, I’m reminded that I do not deserve the gift I have in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I know that no nail, law, person, or power could have held Jesus on the cross except for his own resolve to love us back into fellowship with God the Father.

Are we so civilized and removed from the cross that it has become palatable to make it a thing of beauty. Maybe the sin that was cursed on Jesus was not as bad as the Bible says. The conflict is this, the cross is a curse and the work done on the cross was pure bountiful love. So,,, If the Jesus of the cross is represented then it is beauty in the highest form, the cross is still a cursed, fallen reminder of the great price paid for my/our sins.  Yes I get grace for free, God paid the full price, God set/created the cost, to get us redeemed into fellowship with God.

For thousands of years, the Messiah was looked for and patiently waited for, then in a little over 2000 years the cross became a stylized jewelry status symbol.  Will lethal injection or an electric chair be worn around the neck in a few thousand years because somebody died on it?  The cross of Jesus Christ is uniquely special.  Is a symbol of the unfathomable cost that was paid there to reconcile man to God.

Where is the honor to Jesus in making his cross a thing of beauty, not a curse that was necessary to redeem man in his deep need?  Are we so removed from the cross that it no longer has the meaning it did at one time?  God forbid!  The cross was a place of torture and shame.  Neither of which Jesus deserved because he lived a perfect life.

Is there any good thing about the method that was used to kill Christ Jesus who did nothing wrong?  No, there is nothing good about the curse of the cross!  The work that was done on the cross was good and perfect love to us.  Let each of us consider carefully before we choose what we do with this cross Jesus.  Let us not forget the cross was not last act of God toward us.  The cross is the rugged start to our hope in Christ Jesus that we have a restored relationship with our heavenly father through the payment on the cross and a powerful awesome resurrection of Jesus.

Life can be better, but without the cross of Jesus Christ, life has no absolute standard to make all suffering we endure here a joy because of what was done for me on the cross.  James says that this way count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations.  Read the entire book of James in the New Testament.  You will see wisdom played out in a way not often experienced in the civilized world we live in.

I am in a state of weltschmerz in regard to how Jesus is viewed in an accepted yet, in a distortedly wrong way today.  Lord help us to see you more clearly.  Lord forgive my unbelief.  Lord help us to behave as you would behave not to get ourselves into heaven, but to show you that we appreciate what you have done and we are mimicking your ways to the best of our ability.

In Christ,



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