The biggest problem!

As I have pondered life both in being a Christian and not being a Christian.  I realized I have suffered through both conditions!  In one condition there were moments of joy with lots of crazy hurt.  And strangely enough in the other condition even though troubles still happen when I am with Christ Jesus there is a joy that is available in the deepest and darkest of times and the joy wrapped up and hope to see me through.

So, the biggest problem what is it?  Does it have anything to do with money?  Does that have to do with food and shelter?  Does it have to do is clothing?  Does it have anything you do it the way I act?  Well,, kind of yes, yet so much more!

There are some things in this life that I can say yes, I understand how they work.  How do beauty, love, thought, consciousness, decision-making, and a soul or a spirit work or operate in us?  Of these things I’m in contact with most of them every day.  How do I use these things and not understand how they operate or why they are in existence?  How can I ask questions about something I don’t know much about?  The beyond here feeling is common and real gift from God to think.

Can you see a problem in my questions?  I am talking and thinking about things when studied, you come away more confused and bewildered than with good solid answers.  Is there life after death?  Is this a problem?  Well, on one hand you may choose not to believe there’s life after death and all’s we are is here and now.  This presents a problem for me!  If I’m only here now why should not I destroy anything in my way of happiness and kill and maim anyone who tries to get in my way?  If I’m only here now and there is nothing else what’s the point of Kind living?

This dilemma was so beautifully answered for me in my quest for answers to questions that there were no answers for in a person named in Jesus Christ.  Now wait!  Don’t jump to too many conclusions about Jesus just yet.  My first question is, have you personally read about Jesus?  Just so you know reading is not enough with Jesus and his word called the Bible.  There is oh so much more to Jesus than just what you read.  However, what you read about Jesus is truly impressive.

I hope you’re starting to see some problems!  I am finite in all my nature which means I am limited.  As I experience an unlimited God it keeps me in a continual state of awe.  In this state of awe, what I find is a direct line to truth.  I now can see the problem I’ve had all along.  The problem was a deep, deep, deep fear that if I were to last forever, could I live a good enough life to earn some kind of reward for good behavior?  This has provided a wrestling match between God and I that still goes on sometimes today!

The really big problem I had is whether or not I was going to heaven or hell.  Another problem came up when I realized that even though my life has been relatively mild compared to some I have been in contact with.  I still saw failures, I had no right to live in heaven.  This continually presented me with a big problem.  When I meet people and they interact with me something happens between us that is beyond understanding.  We connect!  Some connections are bad, some connections are good, some connections are stupendous and long-lasting and called friends. Is this a taste of God in everyday life.

How can all these things happen if we were just intended for now and there’s nothing else?  Wouldn’t we be totally selfish if there was nothing else?  And if you say no we wouldn’t be selfish, what would be your motivation not to be selfish?  There is only survival of the fittest in nature.  Which translates into kill or be killed!  That’s the best evolution has to offer.  And if there’s no eternity and there’s nothing else then I’m willing to go with evolution and survival of the fittest. There is more than nature. YOU know it deep inside you. Slow down and you will experance it.

So now with my problem in hand, of going to hell and no way on this earth to get out of this problem what am I to do?  I can’t good behave my way out of hell because I slip and I fall off my own standards, not including God’s!  Sounds like I’m in need of some outside help.  But who will step in and help me out I do not deserve to be helped.  Is there someone really that good in the world that I experience?  Well, my friend, my answer is absolutely there is not.

Fortunately, there is someone who operates on a supernatural basis not a natural one!  He is so beyond me that he had to express himself to me as three persons Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  In this expression I came to understand that the three had eternally past, present and future existed in peace and perfect love existence demonstrating pure love in the highest form I have ever experienced.

This love was demonstrated to me through Jesus Christ who became begotten of men.  Jesus is the only begotten or born of man one in the Trinity.  The only reason Jesus had to be born of man was to become vulnerable to Satan’s schemes of death and killing.  Jesus is both God and man.  Because of his vulnerability of manhood he was able to do something for me that I could not do for myself.

Jesus answered the big problem with his life, death, and resurrection the biggest problem I have ever come up against.  And that was the problem of not being able to have a good reason to go to heaven.  What the gospel or good news of Jesus says is this.  Because Jesus loves me and called me (he calls every person who has ever lived to himself no matter what their belief system is) and somehow I answered, yes in my delima, through his grace  Jesus said because of my work, that I did when I lived, I have paid the complete price for your entry into heaven.

Without this one act from a benevolent God I had no hope of ever having eternal life.  He solved my biggest problem by paying in full the price of my entry into heaven.  As I look at it, there was no other way for me to get into heaven.  Religion simply put me under a burden that I could not bear up under or keep.  A relationship with God that I do not deserve, took care of everything that I had to worry about.  This is the rest offered to me to live in as a believer in Jesus Christ.  A paid for in full sonship to the God that loves me and gave himself for me.

Now, with the perspective of hell being taking care of, I find that I see other problems, no matter how big or how badly they hurt as much smaller when compared to hell.  Now you may ask how do I pay for such a rest as Jesus offered.  The simple answer is I can’t and you can’t.  It has already been paid for by Jesus Christ on his cross where every bad thing that has ever been or happened has purchased and put under the control of God.

No evil ever comes from God.  However, God commands evil because he bought and paid for it and put it under his control.  Therefore I have no worry about the fallenness and hurt that goes on around me and happens to me because my Heavenly Father is taking care of all of it.  For now he has allowed the wheat and the weeds sometimes called tares in the Bible to grow together.  They (PROBLEMS) will continually call us to make the decision whether or not we believe in God or not.  Every time something good happens every time something bad happens we are faced with the challenge of deciding whether or not God exists or not. Is God good in what happened?  What do you say?

As much as God gets blamed for all the bad things that ever happen, it seems Satan has a very good smokescreen for his actions.  The question is where is God when bad things happen?  God is with each and every person that something bad happens to.  The real question is; what is the person that the bad thing is happening to doing with God.  God will never force that person to believe in him.  Instead God has given us a free will to make the choice to believe in him or not.

Our choice that we make for or against God never diminishes his love for us.  What a choice does is limit how much God can do for us in our eternity.  Yes, God has chosen to limit himself to your decision about him.  If you accept his call and say yes to Jesus he can then by your choice destroy all evil around you and replace it with righteousness and purity.  If you choose not to accept Jesus and his gift of the gospel, he will honor your choice and not force you into relationship with him.

Yes, you can opt. out of God’s paid in full forgivness program  er,  better word relationship……

If you want your biggest problems  takien care of, ask God to help you hear and answer him.  You may call yourself into a fiery trial to see God.  You may call yourself into a time of blessing.  However, God is not above blending both of these two exterams together in a very special formula, formulated just for you to activate your entire person to see God and answer his call.  God is not controllable, nor is he predictable!  But he understands you inside and out and knows what you need to happen in life to bring out the very best parts of you that he has put into you.

Therefore through the gospel of Jesus Christ I understand more and more each and every day however, little each and every day, but more each and every day that I can count everything loss that wasn’t for Jesus Christ.

No, I do not behave, work, or act like a good person to get into heaven.  I look at the gospel and the love that is presented to me and it by Jesus Christ and then do my best to imitate it in some way.  This is the only way I know to bring Jesus Christ to a world who is lost, dying, and hurting.

Lord my hope. Please use me to scatter your good seed everywhere I go. Help me do this in your strength and your way. Let me not become proud if you use me to do your good work. Teach me to give you all the honor and glory in all you do for me and through me.

in JESUS name,


What do you say?

Learning to rest in Christ,


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