Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is consistent with the fall of man. No matter how it affects us we are never untouched by it’s effect on us. We do our best to avoid the poison, but find it nagging us to hate it and eradicate it. Yet, it still pops up unseen and unnoticed until it shows it self in a rash of great discomfort on or one near us.

Have you ever witnessed the fall impact a loved one? A much enjoyed friend or fellow worker? Ever watch the news on TV or listen on the radio? Do you ever wonder about why we want to move away from trouble spots and protect our selves? Ever move away just to find a new kind of trouble that was hidden or unknown?

Yes! To all the above questions and more! I have lost hope at times during encounters with the affects of the fall of man. Even though I believe in Christ as my only Hope in this world I still look away from God at times. There is  a Love-hate relationship with life itself as good or bad passes into and through your life.

I’m not even talking about the things are my opinion bad. I speak of the things that are truly evil and bad. Things that we can get agreement on throughout the world that they are bad. For example, floods that kill people, tsunamis that kill people, meteors it just drop out of the sky and hurt people or killed them, mechanical structures or devices that come apart causing loss of life, and there is a host of other things that I have not even touched on.

Most of what I’ve talked about her natural disasters, parts of the machine made from nature that fail. In spite of the fact that there are failures, and nature will rear its head and do what it wants when it wants, we move on as if were impervious and it will not happen to us on most days. Reality?

As a Christian all these things are in play for me as well. God has not stepped in between me and the fallenness of this world to protect me. Yet, since my God is not limited I find a peace in seeing all these bad things and knowing about them yet, LIVING through them.

It is not that I believe I will be delivered around the pain that evil causes. But I will never be alone in any evil that comes my way. There will be a light to follow and away to walk through the trouble to the other side. And on the other side I will have a deeper vision of who God is and how he works me through the troubles of life.

The biggest lie have ever been told was that doing it your way was the tough courageous thing to do. I have found that this was a folly and a step into a fantasy that was never satisfied. The most courageous thing I’ve ever done is to attempt to follow Jesus and live his way. The reality of the pain of this world is crushing to me. But just as true in all my despair over the pain of life there is a hope that is beyond compare.

This hope is the reality of what Jesus did for us in proof of how much he loves us. Whether you believe in God or not, God continues to give us air to breathe, food eat, a place to live, and he gives all of us his image so that we can experience him.

Are you experiencing a taste of love. joy, Peace, beauty? I promise you God is calling you to him through these experiences. But, he has given you a free choice to reject him. The most perilous decision you have ever made is what you do with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has never ask you to do anything bad or evil.

Jesus came to deliver you from this poison ivy world. Jesus wants you to live with a hope in spite of everything this world dishes out to you. Jesus knows everything about you and he desires to spend the rest of eternity with you. No matter how bad you are you think you are his good can consume all of it and remove it from your record.

I invite you to walk with God for a while. Don’t go by what other people say it is your decision, to let others tell you what to do is not wise. Especially me, do not do what I say, this is an invitation from God not me.

You don’t even have to RSVP! Just show up at his step and request the privilege of getting to know him, he always says yes. Jesus loves you, come to him as you are. Please do not try to hide who you are to him just be honest and real. This will help you transition into the reality of God’s love.

If you’re up for an adventure you just said yes. If you want the same old same old pretend maverick kind of life you said no. God still loves you and has his grace on you. If you said yes you’re on an adventure of discovering his mercies which are and last forever.

In Christ,

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