Nice Vs. Kindness Part 5 of 6

Kindness will allow a person to fail. Niceness will attempt to never let a person fail if at all possible. Exercising Kindness will come alongside the person who has failed and encourage them. Niceness will retreat and fear of another failure on their record and abandoned the people in need in some cases. Kindness will also reach out a hand to help the discouraged and put them back on their feet so they can continue to walk and function.

Jesus also operated in kindness mode with purpose and a plan. He strategically placed his miracles as not to fix everything on earth, but enough to demonstrate that he could fix everything on earth. You do realize that if he made faith obsolete it would be impossible to please God. Without faith it is impossible to please God. If he did every prayer request he would set us up for a permanent failure and would block his grace from us…

Jesus turned water into wine for a wedding. He did not do it for every single wedding. However as his first miracle is a sign of Jesus being who he said he was, the only unique God-man ever to walk this earth. It will be repeated in heaven at the wedding feast of the Lamb. Yes! You are invited, RSVP by wireless prayer!

In God’s miracle of turning water to wine and of his celebration in the marriage feast of the Lamb, is eluded to as the first act we will experience in heaven. Parties are not celebrations of dissipation and disrespect but, in the purest form, a social inclusion for everyone who was invited. John 3:16 states that all are called and offered an invitation to God’s party. Not everyone accepts God’s invitation  Jesus sends us. God’s chosen people appear to have rejected God’s personal invitation in Jesus by rejecting the Son of God.

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