Tertium Quid (warning political)

Ter·ti·um Quid

ˈtərSHēəm ˈkwid,ˈtərtēəm/

tertium quid

noun ter·ti·um quid \ˌtər-shē-əm-ˈkwid, ˌtər-tē-\

Popularity: Bottom 30% of words

Definition of tertium quid

1 :  a middle course or an intermediate component <where there are two systems of law and two orders of courts, there must…be some tertium quid to deal with conflicts of law and jurisdiction — Ernest Baker>

2 :  a third party of ambiguous status <there was a man and his wife and a tertium quid — Rudyard Kipling>

I find it humorous that most common conundrums in the human experience have little sayings to go with it. One of the sayings about choices is a sucker’s choice. As I understand sucker’s choice it is when you’re giving two choices of which both of them are undesirable or not going the way you would like to see them go.

However, in defense of the sucker’s choice, if and only if one, of the choices is a very good choice or if both choices are good choices, the sucker’s choice paradox is not created. For example, would you like to go out to dinner for chicken or beef, for me in no way this is cause a problem. Well, maybe I would have a hard time deciding which of the wonderful choices I would like to make, both are good. (Sorry vegans, however I do love vegetables too). In this particular case of a food choice the tertium quid would obviously be fish. Related to dinner and something to eat that was not in the sucker’s choice. I admit that one was easy! The tertium quid is the, not offered, third choice that is available for all thinking people.

Now to stir some trouble! Enter politics! As we are faced with elections, generally speaking if you want your vote to count you make a choice between two parties. I will refer to the parities as D and R for discussion purposes. For years both D and R put forth good candidates. There was rarely a strong feeling of one candidate being good and the other evil.

As we approach the present, and I might add most of my voting life, there has been a feeling or a sense of trying to choose the lesser of two evils for major offices. Neither of the D or R parties has been able to choose a person you could actually vote for. I am really not sure what to call this year’s election.

Have we gotten so used to choosing the lesser of two evils that now were offered not much on either side to vote for? Are we are willing to throw a good vote one way or the other as the lesser of two evils this year? This is the first time that I feel like I want to stay home instead of vote. Fortunately there is hope!

Enter! Tertium quid the third choice for president, maybe the fish, maybe not! Is there a viable choice for this year’s presidential election? There is a guy running for president who will not ask for your money or accept tax money for his election campaign. Nor is he paid for by either of the parties money!

I’m starting to like this guy already! I’m not sure if I’m on board with some of the environmental policies because it sounds like more of the same stuff that we have been dealing with and science has been feeding us in theory not fact for the past several years. But, that being said, it certainly sounds like he has both feet on the ground and is not so far away from the common people that he cannot be touched and talked to and reasoned with. It does not sound as if his ego is so big and precariously balanced that he has you have a Shakespeare down was a sound like a really high and he appeared in the other room every two son victories and ballot box fear of decision to prove that he’s a human being of worth.

Okay, I’m liking this guy more now!

Who is this guy? Is what you say true? Is there a candidate out there that we would not have to be fatigued of or under constant threat of being fired? I’m sure there’s more than is just this one gentleman out there. But, may I humbly suggest that this gentleman, drumroll,,, Laurence Kotlikoff for President, 2016 Ed Leamer for Vice President. Webpage: http://kotlikoff2016.com/

If you feel it is time to send a message to the big two parties, and you want to be a part of we the people that were created equal, with certain inalienable rights then here is a viable choice. Sure some of his social issues are not exactly how I see them. But by and large he sees things in a common sense sort of way that makes him a viable candidate for president. He has a stated plan not a guess or a politically dodging answer for problems. He has credentials being educated and experienced enough with people and government to represent the people of the United States. He would not represent the parties and their money. He would be only one of a unique party. I would name it the we the people party. The tertium quid for the election year of 2016.

If you would like to be read his book, here is the link to download the book:



This sounds more like someone who is thought through the real problems of the United States of America and has lived with them, yet still has hope for a solution. Yes, you can still stick with the two party choices and you have that right. And I do not want to take it away from you. But I would like to give you a third choice of a person who cares and has not been lost in politics his entire life. It is your choice this election year! Do not waste your vote by not voting. If you hate me and you are against me vote. If you didn’t get the message you please vote. God has given you the grace to be able to have this privilege of election. Please vote this year 2016 everyone is needed more than ever. We the people need to take government back into our hands because politicians have fumbled and no one is picking up the fumble to run with it.   An opinion humbly submitted by Denny.

2 thoughts on “Tertium Quid (warning political)

  1. Thank you Shona! I was not sure if I wanted to post this one. But choice is the richness of life and fear is a living death. I humbly thank you for the visit and commitment.


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