Nice Vs. Kindness Part 4 of 6

When you are a Christian and you let others fail/flounder it can be a Kindness.(or you can fill in the fail word with many words) Then the guilt trip happens to the kind person, Jesus wouldn’t do such a thing! You are judged and crucified by the Coward who knew what was going on and did nothing.(did not plan to help anyone but their self.) Nice succumbs to such guilt. Kindness however uses intellect, spiritual truth, guidance, and decision-making processes to overcome such false guilt. Kindness then lends a hand to the fallen in a humble and clearly undeserved, restoring way attempting to restore not over protect.

False guilt might be the greatest pitfall in the whole nice way of living, as I have witnessed its interaction with life. Using guilt to manipulate is a great sin of unchecked proportions in our society. The best perpetrators of using guilt to control others are maybe, the most evil people I have ever known. And they look exceedingly nice as you’re talking to them as they slyly slice and dice people who are around them with nice words.

Yes, I have seen guilt used in churches and in the world with equally devastating effects. I have heard true stories about people quitting fellowship with church members because of it. I’ve heard tell of banishment’s from churches because of noncompliance to the guilt trip. As I read through the New Testament I see some of  Jesus is strongest interactions against the Pharisees Pseudo acts. But always there was an included invitation to come to him and believe. Never a final judgment against the Pharisee, but always an invitation to come and fellowship with God through Jesus as is true for all created beings.

As a kind person, there is much latitude in using your intellect(free will) and not being so unthinkingly predictable in every situation. There is an opportunity to choose to say no, which nice usually can not do. There is opportunity to make the hard decision of allowing someone to fail because they have not listened to warnings, budgeted their time or other resource.

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