Nice Vs. Kindness Part 2 of 6

With the word nice, you must hear a tone of voice, situational context, personally know the person expressing the word, or just take a best guess at what is really being said when the word nice is used. Even after knowing all the situation, tones, and knowing the person it is still possible to miss the true meaning of what’s being said. Nice! This makes it a very unstable word in English language.

“Oh they’re a very nice person”  always leaves a lingering question of what else is not being said. Traps are laid by people who have command of the language and use it as a politically correct statement that is really incorrect and misleading camouflaging the true intent. (I can neither confirm nor deny what was meant  by my statement) I will be nice and pencil you into my calendar on this certain date. Later to find there was never an intention of meeting you in any way shape or form on the presented date. Nice!

Nice is a trap. If you  desire to be a nice person you are trapped and unable to make other decisions because you are locked in to being nice and doing the nice thing all the time. As this particular “nice brand” of thinking is so limited. Christians are very susceptible to the nice mode of thinking. As they interact with people they want to be liked even respected so they are nice in all situations even to their own destruction.

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