Ramblings of a believer!

Hello all!!!

How is the good Lord treating you today? If you are like me He is treating you much better than we deserve. With that said, as I’ve listen to good teachers of the word they usually say something to this effect , apply much of God’s word to yourself and then learn from others…. apply to self liberally, as all Christianity should live as Jesus did, from inside yourself to the outward person…

As I write my blog I am the first one in line to receive anything that I say. I do not say I am perfect at applying it but I certainly do attempt to apply to my life. Through the Holy Spirit when I submit to him the situation usually works out pretty well, under my own power, there is no power. We get a clean Heart by interaction with God not self-effort.

So why won’t God allow us to apply seemingly good changes to our lives unless He is empowering us? Is it because we have gone our own way so much, he must let us fail to teach us to trust Him? Are there lessons to be learned in following and trusting Him in all things as we learn? Is he teaching me to listen to his voice and not other similar sounding unction’s in my conscience? Do I expect God to lead me like a boss at work verbatim and spelled out on what I’m supposed to do?

I for one am glad that God does not micromanage me! Then I would be mechanical in my love of God and others. But, I am sure glad he is with me at all times as He teaches me to straighten my  crooked free will to His  perfect Standard. In recent years, I have had actions and thoughts that I’ve never had before cross through my mind Powerful and Free.

Some of the thoughts made me very nervous, some, I was shocked that they were in me! Some produced trouble for me, but I did not mind because it was a good and right way. Some I should think most, I’ve had to listen to after it was said, then I learned biblical concepts from it. (strange to listen to yourself and what you said in learning)

Following the Lord is not an exact science! But it is a learning to flow with God and trusting the flow and gentle control that he would so gently offer you through His Suggestion. The ideas Never to do harm, but to encourage, challenge and tend to provoke to love and good works, for God’s honor and glory.

Learn my Friends, God is calling you into His will, but will always give you your choice to follow Him or not.  Well enough for my ramblings and free thoughts.

As you think of our Lord this week send up a prayer for our world and our fellow believers that serve on the field the Lord lead them to. Gods Workers are few and harvest great and at hand. Your prayers fill in some of the pitfalls we will encounter in God’s work. The same is true of the folks you know and serve with in the Church of Jesus.

We gather in His name and around His name only in truest praise and humility.  Be an ambassador of Christ Jesus as you go about your given duties. Your salt will bring flavor to your surroundings, making others thirsty. Thus giving opportunity for all to praise and glorify our King in learning and more wonderful ways, because you follow like Jesus.

Be a Blessing!


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