Political Deconstruction of a Country

Political Destruction??!


Wide spread political replacement of God is a cancer of great concern in democracy or any government. It is my personal opinion that if a communist government was run in accordance to God’s plan with love of image bearers it would work. (With God all is possible)  However, we know from history that centralizing power in a government is a disaster.

Without God and using His revealed truth, democracy will not operate properly. Same goes for capitalism which is another looming problem. God is the heartbeat of all good that can happen to mankind. A true soul revival in the USA located church is due soon I hope and pray.

The only one who can safely sit on the throne of our or any life is God in His three persons. This is the revival of true abundant life. Nothing can replace this truth and thrive very long. Don’t be confused, existing is not thriving. Grace is a general gift, while mercy, when practiced brings God’s gift of abundant life here on this earth. (True Kingdom living)

Positive thriving  in Christ will always make evil slippery and hard to gain traction to attack God’s goodness in  His mercy giving through people. Complacency of the Church happens when the blessing of living in God’s way is assumed on and made to be a business or taken with out thanks giving to God. This is when wrong looks right and those who see the slippage away from God do nothing or join the secession.

I observe more political witness and fervor at political rallies than any church I have visited in the United States. Well, I would have to exclude the Haiti church I visited. Anyway,  when the energy and belief that the right party in control will bring what you want to reality is more real than the Creator it breads dissension. Yet, how many political promises are fulfilled?  Gullible aren’t we?

The idea of government is Biblical in origin. So government is not bad. Government is a very unsuitable god to follow and worship. Yes,  worshiped religiously, and if you are not of my party you are evil. If my party doesn’t win the whole country is going to fall apart. It is ironic how the worst parts of religion are played out in the secular realm through intelligent people as they worship their party and candidates. Have all forgotten who is really in charge?

Demonetization of the other party is rampant today (Both /all ways). All the while, all parties are missing the point of the true living God, that they conveniently include to validate they are right politically speaking at least (God Abuse). Then when elected they do whatever they want and faithful party members disagree but defend their party with fervor. Go figure?  Oh ya! Can’t, it’s religion, reason is lost….

When politics takes its proper place as a tool not a god then we will see the nations stability rebuilt and renewed. All it takes is God’s people to do with faith Micah 6:8. Do justly, Love Mercy and walk humbly with our God. Not just voting or protesting, boycotts and the like.

Work on deep issues of separation from God in yourself, then you will see the gates of hell falling and a hope unfailing grow and expand out of a reunited people of God today. (Not an easy spiritual work nor is it divided by a political party) History js witness to the fact when people turn to God and humble themselves God sheds His grace and mercy on them. I know in who I have believed and He is able. How about you?

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