God shaped void? part 3 of 3

Do we have a God shaped voids inside? Are we an image bearer?

Our first humility before God is to admit that there is something wrong with us, we are not as we should be and we need help to be made right again! We are being salvaged and made new, Hence the designation salvation for restoring relationship with God!

Conforming to God is a process of knocking off garbage/sin so that we can fit into the image that we truly are. This is why God is a Redeemer or restore of his creation. (This will help move us to perform at maximum efficiency.

No! We will not all look/act the same but will express a needed facet of God to both believers  in Christ and the lost, in a world full of people near their final death.) Conforming to God by yourself or on your terms is anti-God (a.k.a. self-righteousness). No matter how good it looks on the outside it fails to restore a relationship with God.

Your image bearing quality is intact and is always waiting for your free will to find a reason to humble your soul to a truly kind and awesome God who spared nothing to repurchase  a relationship with you personally.

When we are experiencing trouble with the process of conforming to the image of God remember this. We are just being difficult to bend back into shape from the near instantly fatal event mankind sustained at the Garden of Eden. When we disobeyed God and we and we alone did invite death into our realm. Death is also known as independence from God a.k.a. sin.

The event/fall of man, will be fatal to all those who do not acknowledge God as Lord and humble themselves before God. (This is a horde price to pay considering there is a no strings attached solution to the core sin problem. Just accept the gift of salvation and you will have the only way to begin exploring God’s wonderful gospel.)

The gift of God is everlasting life, it cannot be earned, only accepted as a gift on God’s terms. (In my explanation there may be more confusion afterwards! So, let’s get into this God shaped void idea.

I would agree that God dwells in us but he also dwells outside of us at the same time. We are also supposed to wear Jesus as our clothing. Hence one of my favorite sayings a high compliment from God would be “you are putting me on”. Okay, not that funny!) What do you think?

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.”

Albert Einstein

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