God shaped void? Part 2 of 3

Do we have a God shaped voids inside? Are we an image bearer? 2

As we step into relationship with God we are continually called into closer relationship with Him. (aka Sanctification) For some, Godly change will happen quickly, for others it may lay dormant for years, this is God’s choice and plan. You must use your freewill to choose to follow and answer the call of God in real time.

God knows we are His image bearer. Our image bearing qualities need to be drawn out by a tender loving God. Our true self will be shown to us through the workings of the Holy Spirit and Jesus’s call to us.

So my opinion is that we are image bearers and are not voids to be filled. We have a shape of God built into/onto us as standard equipment. Sinfulness, introduced at the fall has changed and added things to our shape that do not belong.

The process of removing the sinfulness, that we all have Inherited from the fall at the Garden of Eden, is moving from the illusion we are born with, into reality for the first time. Overcoming this condition will require a humbling to God’s Kingship of all.

Illusion is very tough to deal with because we can cite so many things that make our illusions more tactile than faith for an invisible God. (Need of faith, without faith it is impossible to please God.) As illusion is removed from our life, then we step into reality, we begin shedding the sin covering our beautiful image of God that we bear.

Our image is intact but, it will take faith in a holy resurrected God to remove the concrete/heavy sin. This will make way for the presently elusive/mystical reality of who we are in Christ. Jesus’s image we bear is well on its way to be restored through faith in the Grace of Jesus Christ..


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