The Gospel: the New Testament Promise Land! Maybe? Part: 3

The Gospel: the New Testament Promise Land! Maybe? Part: 3

The word shalom and salvation are equivalent words when they are defined. At least this is what I have been told and seems to prove out in study. Do we want to explore our salvation or our peace that passes all understanding that keeps our hearts and minds?

Are we going to leave lie on the table offerings from God as given to us and only possess the little corner of the Gospel called salvation? These questions and similar ones are about life and preservation of life and hope.

To be or not to be a Christian, exploring salvation first, then the Gospel to the boarders or not growing in grace. Entering into shalom and entering the Gospel as it has been offered. Never is it an easy thing to explore, but in faith, entering into the spiritual battle to possess this, land of salvation/shalom, will lead to your spiritual growth and good to all those around you.

The spiritual fruit that could be found in these lands can be shared to encourage both believers and nonbelievers to possible growing faith.You can explore your salvation by getting to know God because He is your salvation through Christ Jesus.

The Word interacts with us and wants to know us PERSONALLY, in our entirety. HOW? By us voluntarily giving our life experience to God in relationship of communication.(Be honest even if you’re wrong, bored, or doing good, give it all to God) God will speak to us in His word and He will changes us in and though our prayers/relationship with Him, manifesting Himself to us.

(This is one reason we should pray without ceasing, only to know God.)

Read the many examples in the Psalms the troubles that begin in the Psalms then blossoming out of the trouble comes beautiful praise on how wonderful God is. When you read the praises of the Saints of old you are looking at a reality in honesty not fantasy.

They had to live in ferocious struggle by our standards to get this wisdom. Sound like a promise land flowing with good redeemed out of evil? Never is deep praise given to the soft gentle paths of an easy life.

But the resulting joy of walking with God through struggle, rejection, setbacks, discouragement, and fallenness of life, is a gift of identification with Christ from God.  No one can argue with your living story.

This struggle allows you to connect with Jesus Christ who was a man of many sorrows. It allows you to understand joy at the deepest most rich level possible on this earth. Explore your salvation in His shalom.

God is waiting for you in the Gospel and as the Israelites found, God will fight for you so that you might enter in to the peace that passes all understanding that will keep your hearts and minds. This is exploring the promise land or the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ’s burden is light for us, exceedingly heavy for Him. Rich salvation and shalom to you my friend, war well as you explore your salvation in abundant living, (it is worthy of your struggle), explore shalom and all of its benefits.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in this Gospel, it asked nothing of us, yet gives everything we deeply need. Be of strong and great courage my fellow laborer in Christ the Gospel is TRUE ever giving and for all mankind.

Remember a big part of the battle will be; please, remove your help from the Gospel, NOT NEEDED! Jesus said it is FINISHED! The finished work of Jesus is a whole World of God’s power and our humility that has the only hope mankind has ever been freely given.

Pack a light tent a few provisions travel light through this Promise Land of the Gospel. It is worth the nomad experience and will help us to separate from the world’s ways and attachments. The Gospel is worth defending with God’s armor in His word. Be attached to the only one who will never leave or forsake you. Jesus is faithful to me while I am not faithful to Him.


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