The Gospel: the New Testament Promise Land! Maybe? Part: 2

Part 2 of the installment plan!

The Gospel also compares well to the trip to the Promise Land. There are discouragements, setbacks, and fear of being trapped in a bad position losing friends or jobs even health in the process. Then having to walk through a very scary place, all fear rises up on both sides of us. In the valley of the shadow of death, fearing yet walking, sometimes alone because in some churches/gatherings there is no one who has ever walked that close with Jesus Christ.

Nothing was ever really given freely in the walk to the promise land it all had to be fought for and gathered. This perseverance took courage and risk. I have said many times there was no warrior in all of Israel, because it was always the Lord their God that gave them the victory. Never, I repeat never were the victories of Israel won by any of their leaders in the strength of their own flesh, but by God power alone, gifting victory to God’s people. (Sound like a Gospel?)

The initial refusal to enter the Promise Land out of fear was fascinating, but so human. Yet I believe it is repeated in our acceptance of the Lord and His Gospel. Could we doubt the Gospel and not enter in because it seems too good to be true? Or could it seem too hard for us to enter into because we are so bad, you name it? What are we doing with God’s Gospel now that we have it or know of it?

Are we exploring the boundless Gospel? Are we taking possession of it? Is it something we even care to explore to find out more about it? Do you begin to feel the cause of the Gospel? Do you sense the beckoning of the Gospel?

The first step of exploring the Gospel is to exploit it, use it to incite Good! How else could I describe the act of a God who says no matter what I do, I am righteous because of His work. All sin is accounted for and individually paid for by Christ on the cross at an unfathomable expense.

Should I go out and do evil in the name of the Gospel and get away with it? God forbid! We can not be sinless in all we do and our foot dirt/sin will build up, so use the Gospel. If I do not bathe daily in the Gospel of forgiveness, I am wasting what I’ve been commanded by God to use to reach the world.  Unmerited Forgiveness! Live it!

Part 3 is on the way!


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