The Gospel: the New Testament Promise Land! Maybe? Part: 1

First installment:

As I was pondering the Gospel and what it meant to me many wonderful thoughts passed through my mind. One thought in particular continues to come back to me time after time. This is the thought that the Promised Land promised to the Jewish people and the biblical record of how the Jewish people inhabited and uninhabited the promise land, was possibly a parallel to the Gospel of Jesus.

First there was a good situation for Joseph’s people and that they were saved by Joseph in Egypt. Then the situation became bad as the Egyptians begin to hate and fear Joseph’s people.

Even though Joseph was instrumental in saving Egypt through a long drought his people group was becoming alarmingly large and the Egyptians did not like nor trust Joseph’s descendants. They had food and shelter as slaves in Egypt. Some salvation?

This first stage I would compare to looking at the Gospel as salvation only. In looking at the gospel as salvation only we limit its power in our life. We are taking away from the Gospel, which makes it no gospel at all, if we limit the Gospel to being only salvation.

There is bondage in being tied to one place/portion 0f the Gospel leading to the Gospel not being explored or exploited to do the will of God here on earth. Be Fruitful!

Later a leader by the name of Moses comes along to deliver the people out of this bad situation in Egypt. There are plagues and troubles for the people Moses was leading and especially for the community of Egyptians. In the final plague Moses his people were passed over, then released by Pharaoh and allowed to worship God as they desired.

Then Pharaoh changed his mind about the release and sent his armies to destroy the people of God that Moses was leading.Learning to worship God emotionally is the stage that typically happens right after salvation.

There is celebration because a weight is lifted off the new believer in the freedom Jesus Christ has given. There is commonly great excitement and energy to move and share their newfound faith (delivered from slavery).

In time there is a setback of some sort and doubts attack, doubting their salvation and what salvation is because things didn’t work exactly like the new believer thought it would. The Red Sea trap again!

Freedom given then snatched away in a moment of fear and unbelief. How can our God save us from this impossible position. Yet if we stay with His Plan we will find a possibly scary but God approved way to walk out of the problem, just as happened at the Red Sea.

More next time….


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