Sex was made by God

Sex was made by God. People have exploited it to be bad. I hate religion because religion is the worst offender of making sex evil. And there are many Buildings to attend that will try to take God away from you in the name of God. So extremely sad for the kingdom of God and all who watch it skeptically, looking for reasons to nullify God’s perfect work through His son Jesus Christ.

Those buildings containing people attempt replace a relationship with God with many behavioral laws. None of these behavioral laws were approved by God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Too bad that healthy sex is the victim mostly attacked. It hurts men and women it hurts healthy relationships between men and women.

No matter what you think of my comment; God loves you and wants to restore relationship with you. No matter what you think you have done to offend God. God wants you to understand his Gospel with no confusing or misleading rules to derail you.

If you are not afraid ask God to show you how, He wants a relationship on His terms, Please do it. Christianity is the only major belief system in which the God who set the standard to get into heaven also paid the full complete price to fulfill the requirement to get into heaven. But, heaven is a sideshow compared to a relationship with the God of all eternity!

Christ Jesus the Son of God came here to pay that full price to get anyone into heaven if they accept His Gift of grace and call Him their God. There are no strings attached or extra rules. So forget all the people made rules and look deeply into the Good News or Gospel given by God through Jesus Christ.

As a Christian I still struggle with how good of a deal God has given us. I think the Gospel to be too good to be true. There is nothing here on earth that is a good comparison to the Gospel. Here it is all performance based “life”, in Gods economy of Grace it is all based on what Jesus did on the cross not my performance or work in any way.

Answer God’s Call and you will have an adventurous New Life not as easy as you have it now. The life will include purpose adventure exploration and personal wars to learn about God. The wars will be fought with spiritual tools such as love, faith, and perseverance.

Please accept Gods call and do not put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Instead, read your Bible for yourself and always ask for God’s help for you to understand it. Look for fellowship of believers that talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with nothing added to it or nothing subtracted from it.

Then healing will be made in you, in regard to your need for sex and what you want to do with sex in your life. There are no absolute rules that you cannot be God’s child and still enjoy healthy sex in a marriage relationship. Extramarital sex while not advised or healthy is not a deal breaker for God and his Gospel.

Sex is probably the most beautiful gift that God ever gave mankind to enjoy. Yet the more perverted it becomes and made dirty it becomes,  offensiveness instead of a joy. God’s Gospel includes healthy sex, He created it and nothing that has been done as a sexual act, has ever been a surprise to Him because he knew what was going to happen.(even the stuff that is a offense.)

He sent His Son to cover for all the perversions. He projects love to comfort broken hearts. He allows for failures in his Gospel. His perfection covers all our sins and shortcomings so that we can enjoy a fellowship with the God most high.

Begin the walk with God in the pure Gospel and you will find healing and restoration to living in a healthy spiritual manor.  Have you been doing life your way? How is it working for you? Do healing and restoration of relationship to God, sound like a real bad deal? Who told you? Can they be trusted? OH! An assumption, God is not afraid, How about you?

I respectfully  wish all of you a wonderful day.

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