Christ is Risen! Part 2

More of the most Blessed non-fiction ever!  Part 2

HE has Risen!  Reply: He has Risen indeed!  Happy Easter!

True faith and hope are always founded on Jesus Christ. This truth is a stumbling block for those with lack of faith. Pure true hope/faith is a rock like/solid foundation for those who have faith in the cross of Christ and His bodily resurrection.

Christ Jesus atoning for our sins is the only way we can get into heaven. Each of our sins are accounted for and paid for by the cross of Jesus. His resurrection gives us hope of a living eternity and he Christ Jesus is the firstborn among many.

When we realize the death that we are walking in and then step into the light and life of Jesus Christ we are truly saved from darkness, death, and separation from God. Without the entire work of Jesus Christ being true as recorded, there is no foundation for love, hope, personal redemption, civilization, or justice of any kind.

There is no foundation for these ideas and any other be kind philosophy out there. They all missed the mark of the true need of mankind. Except for this one named Jesus who paid the entire price to buy you back then set you free to choose to worship Him, or not.

As a believer in faith you are in fellowship with the source of all good to this world or You can choose to remain a nonbeliever and see only moments of His general grace but not His mercy.

Now this is real choice to use free will to freedom of Christ’s Gospel or do your best to fix the separation you experience. The Gospel of a Risen Savior is the only freedom mankind will ever experience. Come, taste, see, the crucified, risen Jesus Christ is good for you, your whole person and for those around you, and Jesus will not exclude you.

If you choose to enter in to relationship with Jesus Christ through the Gospel and apply it expect a war. Use the gift of the Gospel, exploit the gift, all forgiveness is found through faith in the victory of Christ over death.

For a growing abundant life filled with an exhilarating mix of struggle, joy, hope, and love.This is abundant life found uniquely in the perfect one Jesus, life lived, crucified, and taking life up again after a bodily death, then resurrection. Come and see this love and how rich and life enhancing it is.

Have you included Jesus today? Jesus is calling you to Him right now. Be bold and take the risk of living independently from the ways of this world. You will be the choice you make for ever and ever. What do you say? Jesus is offering His Gospel.

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