Christ is Risen! Part 1

Christ is Risen!
I often speak of the cross of Jesus Christ! It is assumed, by me, with in the cross, is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ who took up life again.(now known to you) This fact is a foundational part of the  true story, I do not mention very well in my blogs, but, I do believe with all my heart mind and soul.

I stake my only true hope on the Resurrection of Jesus, and live my life in such a way as to be an, although imperfect, “thank you note” to God for what Jesus did for me and all mankind on the cross, never, to earn the gift of salvation. You see, our salvation in the form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a perfect work of God, gifted to us entirely for our benefit.

Understanding the Gospel and applying it, is the basis of a peaceful and sound mind. You can have a gift of salvation and still not apply the whole Gospel to your life. This will result in doubts, instabilities, and fears. And will hinder expressions of pure kind of love, hope, and soundness of mind.

Salvation is a gift from God. When you receive a gift you can put it in the closet and never open it and never look at it again. You can open the gift and see what’s inside and put it away and never see it again. Or in the best scenario, you can receive the gift, open it the gift, and utilize the benefits of the gift.

While utilizing the gift, you would probably be thinking of the person that gifted it to you, for its usefulness and thoughtfulness, the surprising insight about you, thereby remembering the one that gave the gift to you with great gratitude and appreciation. (the Gospel)

At salvation, you can receive the gift and not really know what it is or understand it in any relational level, other than it took a burden of guilt from you. At this level you are not receiving any specifically designed for you fringe benefits of salvation. You will not see much love growing in and being delivered out of you.

The fruits of the Spirit mingling with and enhancing your personality for glorifying God, your personal joy and worth will be blighted. If you open the gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and take a quick look at it and assume that you understand it and go on your merry way. This would be akin to having a very expensive classic show car then putting a blanket over it and storing it in to an old dusty barn.

Maybe for the females, having a ultra-expensive wedding dress, putting it into a cardboard box and storing it in a damp basement, then showing up to your wedding in sweatpants and sweatshirt, dirty it that. There is no advantage in knowing that you have something and not using it. The gift brings no joy, and is not enjoyed by others in these cases.

The last example given was someone who used the gift, explored the gift, and rested in the gift. This person would grow in faith. This would make the impossible to believe events in the Bible believable by activating an underused quality of image bearers of God (you and I), called faith.

Faith never has a bridge to walk on, except the resurrected one from the cross, Jesus Christ.

More later!


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