Called into “The Rest” Part 1

Stop the deadly doing! Please!
In my opinion religion is in the hearts of every man woman and child ever in existence. According to the word even Jesus was touched with this temptation as satin tempted Jesus. Why would I make such a statement? As I have observed the world, there seem to be rules everywhere. Rules are what religions are made of. You must do this, in this particular way, and if you don’t do it the right way you are putting yourself in jeopardy of not pleasing your god or choice of government.

We use rules to govern games, governments, families, proper ways to worship God, physical laws in nature, work, and on and on, by rules we are governed. Even if we find good rules that are acceptable to many they are still rules. When rules are involved we tend to rebel against them because we do not like to be controlled.

The God of the universe also gets mixed up with this rule-based religion when man creates more rules than God did to obtain God’s salvation. People have the need to have power over people. Man tries to mix God with his own rules so they can manipulate people to do things that the current leaders want. This also gives opportunity for them to point out how bad other people are and how good their followers are. By the way women are just as susceptible to this power play as men.

When Jesus came on the scene of this world the message was very different. While Jesus walked this earth he called the Jewish people to be Jewish. In being Jewish they would be reminded of the faith of Abraham and other Jewish forefathers had and the Jewish people respected them greatly. In this God would be calling them back to himself because Jesus is the same God to whom the Jewish forefathers responded to and praised in faith.

The Gospel calls all of us to directly to associate/know the promise of Jesus Christ. He calls us to put our religion rules down! Jesus calls us to stop our deadly busy doing to try to please him! God’s message to us is this: My children I sent my Son to pay the entire price for reentry into everlasting fellowship with me. I made a promise to man that no man could keep. I fully understood the price I was going to have to pay to keep this promise in my Son Jesus Christ.

Again heavenly father to the children: Have faith in my work that I did in My son and that no matter what you do I will keep my word to you. I understand you cannot keep your word to me. This is why you have nothing to do with your salvation. Otherwise you could boast in what you did to get the Gospel I provided in My Son.

There is no boasting or feasible way that you could ever earn the salvation that I freely gave to you on your humble request. Therefore, rest in the Gospel because it is a gift. When you fail, be sure of God’s gift and know that I knew you were going to fail and I put my salvation all around you. Be sure forgiveness absolutely is. Continue to bathe yourself in this truth for God has paid it all and desire for you to spend eternity in My home, heaven, with Me is what held Christ Jesus on the cross.

This is the message I sent through My Son Jesus Christ. This is the message I sent to and through my prophets of old. This is my message to you today! My Gospel is sure, never ever in need of changing or improvement from anyone. You will grow as I call you to grow be patient.

Do not compare yourself to other people. My plan is for you to be what I need you to be here on this earth, at My time I appointed, for you to be what I have planned for you to be and do. My children rest in this truth! Then Walk IN Faith with Truth.

As I rest in this truth it has done nothing to slow down the turmoil of this fallen world I experience. The thing that has been leaving is fear! I no longer have to worry about every little move I make to be perfect. I can interact with people and make best guesses about how to interact with them to be kind ambassadors of Jesus Christ to serve all.

part 2 soon….

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