Thoughts on the fall and man.

I was thinking about the fall of mankind and what it did to man. Then it came to me that the fall of man started in heaven. It started with the fall of Lucifer and his minions. I feel this is the event which set up the Fall of mankind and the resulting complications.
Man was whole/near perfect when he was created in Garden of Eden. After man finished his work for God he wanted a mate so God divided a part of man symbolized by the rib and made woman. This divided man for the very first time and in an unknown way to me. God somehow used one to make two.

I do know and do not want to under play our reunification with God is the most healing and completing event that will ever happen to anyone. This thought is only complementary to our Relationship with God.

Being made whole again, having a more complete set of emotion, thought and completeness  in the deepest workings of ourselves to experience Heaven’s fullness. This would also happen to facilitate our experiencing the God Head in full glory and perfection.

My theory: In heaven there will be no marriage or giving marriage because every man will be reunited with apart that God took from him. I truly feel that this is genetically passed and there are no exceptions maybe, Marriage,, a man and a woman having the ability to be one flesh in marriage yet are two individuals.

God will restore man to wholeness in heaven therefore there will be no need for marriage there will be a completeness in ourselves that was divided in the Garden of Eden. Our need for fellowship will be fulfilled with the triune God.

Both men and women suffer from this division and we see the balances that a good marriage can bring to both people in relationship and to all those around that healthy relationship.

This is just a theory about man from Denny. This is the simplest way I can find to convey this thought.

These thoughts came to me when I read the Bible in this order: Philippians 3, Proverbs 31, and Matthew 10 and 11. This idea is in parallel with the idea that God is a restorer of fallenness that we experienced starting with the fall of Mankind in the garden and continuing to this day.

This one is pure guess work.
Help me see what I am saying friend…

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