Triune God?

A triune God, is He one, three, or is He both? Think about it! I do, I did, and WILL,  then usually just come away with I really do not get it, so beyond me. Yet, it is one of the most intriguing things that you are called to ponder as a faith walker. Thinking of a triune God is both uplifting and humbling at the same time.

Lately the thought has started to come up that since God is infinite and I am finite. For me to even have a little hope of understanding a triune God, He had to express himself as three and one. Trying to bring infinity and eternity into a fallen, finite world that will end, is a task only an awesome God would do. The only reason He did it, is to love mankind back to Himself, not by force, where in relationship He can now and forever love us and grow us into all God the creator intended for us.

If you are a parent you know quite well that if you have two children playing you have a good play situation. When you introduce a third child in to the playgroup there becomes a competition/struggle for dominance. In infinite wisdom God introduces Himself as one and three persons.

Does this mean God is proving that He is the miracle worker from all eternity? The three persons of the Godhead get along in perfect harmony in oneness, with no war, competition, or striving for power. Each expression of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is eternal in harmony, love, respect, and equality as they eternally exist Lovingly together. The impossible 3 relationship so unified as to be one. On earth perfected, lived and in perfect love demonstrated here in Christ Jesus the perfect sinless God man.

Christ Jesus being the only one “begotten” of the Holy Trinity, meaning he was born here on earth as a man. Yet, Jesus’s Father was not of this earth. And the only time that this triune relationship has ever been separated in any way shape or form was when Jesus took on all our sins and God the Father forsook His own Son in that ugly, yet promised, moment of time. It was ugly because love was wounded to death, victory because death was beaten and life/love was taken up again and there was reunification of the triune God which facilitated man’s  only way for reunification with God the Father.

This is when the Trinity becomes even more confusing to me. The Triune persons of God break apart in an undeserved act of selflessness to redeem man even though we are not a prize. Yet without God’s Love sacrifice happening, I have no hope! The Bible does not seem to speak clearly on exactly how the forsaking happened but only that it did happen for our absolute redemption. This demonstration of love toward us did nothing to make the Trinity love each other more effectively; it only invited us in to share it. if we desired.

What happened to Jesus was unique in that it had the appearance of failure but was the greatest success mankind has ever needed. The work on the cross was perfect and complete the moment it was finished. If you add anything to it or take anything away from it, the Gospel is no longer a gospel but an idea that can be changed and distorted. Perfection does not need additions, subtractions, or modifications especially by people!

This is the rest of God, absolute truth, and Gospel of Jesus is finished on the cross and is inviting us to the Gospel. He continually calls man into the Gospel of Christ for salvation first. Then into a healing of relationship and a process of leading us to believe that he is the ultimate God of everything known to us. This process is something we enter into by choice and a willingness to have our faith tested in God whom we cannot see but rest in.

No matter how many times we leave or forsake God, once we accept and God enters and gives life to you, He will never leave us or forsake us. God entered into a unilateral promise with man. Execution of the promise is totally on God’s shoulders and is His responsibility to fulfill the promise as given. Man can do absolutely nothing to modify or change God’s promise and God can not lie.

Man has used and twisted God’s promise for personal gain, power, and misleading God’s children. God was fully aware of what was going to happen to his promise therefore he made it failsafe from the very beginning and the promise grantor also guaranteed in His Son Jesus Christ the fulfillment of the promise. During the Old Testament people who believed in God, mostly the Jewish race, were children of the promise of Messiah Christ Jesus.

Even though now we know that Christ has died for our sins and we have relief/the rest, from the worry of ever going to hell if we’ve accepted Christ as our personal savior, we too are children of the promise, the completed, finished work of Christ Jesus the Messiah on the cross of shame. With this single act God returned hope to all of creation, from man to the least significant part of creation, that there was going to be a redemption back to perfection and harmony of reunification with the triune God. This is the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is God’s will for you to know these things for sure in your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Hope! God is going to restore everything that has ever been wrong in all of his children to perfection. There will be a healing of immense magnitude when our corruptible flesh is made new, the old hurtful sins, sicknesses, hate, confusion, rejection, and anything that has attempted to destroy our walk with God will eternally pass away. These pains will enter into death and separation from God for eternity giving whoever is good and perfect a dwelling place for all eternity with God! (Yes, us because of Christ the Messiah)

With this hope we are to live as a promise to love this world and give ourselves that someone may see Christ in us. You and I are God’s missionaries on this world and we are responsible for the generation that we are living in. Be truthful yet full of grace and love for your fellow man. You may be the only hope they ever see. Be the ambassador, missionary to this world in the name of Jesus Christ and His love, sibling Christian.

One thought on “Triune God?

  1. found this, thought it relevant.

    This is an approximate quote from Dallas Willard. From a message at Christchurch London 2011 on finding the kingdom of God. Transcribed.

    “The Trinity is that wonderful, personal, union of people. Three who are too many to be one, and too one to be many, that sits at the center of the universe, and human truth, and beauty, and goodness, man vainly struggles up fragmented and frazzled and mankind never finds its fulfillment except in the Trinity.

    The Trinity is the only self-sufficient circle of love, and goodness, in existence. It’s not to be seen by the eye, but to the mind and Spirit that opens itself to the Trinity. It flashes with blaze of glory brighter than any since perceptible object and beauty of truth and goodness, it all comes together.

    We experience it here all fragmented and broken, but it comes together in God.”

    I do not agree with Dallas Willard in all of his stated beliefs, thought this one was on point and engaging.


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