God’s will for your life!

A friend of mine said this on the will of God: “What makes these decisions difficult is not God’s silence, but the conflict between our values and God’s.” This is well said! The 10 Commandments reflect the will of God for us, Micah tells us to do justly love mercy and walk humbly with our God, the New Testament says love God first and your neighbor as yourself, (not as God ) take care of widows and orphans.

Take a good hard look at Jesus’s life and conform yourself to what he did. Jesus was a servant. He was not a big moneymaker however; he did know a few moneymakers that took care of him. Use your God willed talents to get a job and then mix it up with the people you work with liberally sharing Jesus at every opportunity.

I almost look at seeking the will of God for every little decision in our life as if we want a scapegoat to blame somebody when it does not work out. And who is handier to blame for a wrong or bad track in life than the Lord our God who loved us and gave himself for us. “And You told us the wrong thing to do God”. I hope this is not true in mature believers. In the wrong decisions that have been made most of the time we prayed so often that we talked ourselves into the decision instead of listening to our God.

God put us here to redeem us and everything that has happened to us since birth. Some of us have humbled ourselves and believed in God as our personal savior. You are on a path to be conformed to the image of God more and more every day. Your vocation or location is purely your choice. God knitted you together in the womb with certain God willed bents and abilities. As we discover these abilities and use them to serve mankind, we are serving God as he willed for us to do.

The lost will continue to serve themselves, using the same tools that every believer has to serve God. God is not stingy just because you’re an unbeliever! God’s will is very plainly spelled out. Now get out there and use the God-given talents, investing them in your work and even more the people that God put you in the midst of. Leave all kinds of pieces of the awesome God with them as you work/serve with them. Yes, give till it hurts then you will start knowing joy unspeakable and you will be able to see the glory of God in a new way. Then your tears of joy will be sowed and you will reap from them in Christ like joy.

There is fellowship with God in caring deeply for your fellow workers. For the Lord our God loved us on the cross were love held him for our sakes. Is your love for your fellow workers holding you to a tough job situation? There may well be a time to get out of a bad job situation but pray before you go! Serve!

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