The tower of Babel to Pentecost in Acts

In Genesis 11 there is the record of the tower of Babel. In this record it is stated that men had a plan to build a tower that would reach into the heavens. Now whether you believe it was heaven it reached or just built into the sky, the tower was built solely to glorify man and to fulfill their need to be famous a.k.a. self-glorified, and protected with no need of God.

There was absolutely no mention of glorifying God in the building of this tower. God’s image bearers must’ve been doing a wonderful job building a beautiful tower. It caught the attention of God with The tower’s self-glorifying attributes and God stopped the tower build to save man.

God being the creator of man knew that there was not anything man could not do if he put his mind to it including building a false sense of salvation on earth. But God is merciful He was not willing to lock man into a death spiral collision with hell. God intervened and scrambled or confounded the One language that all men spoke to stop the death project.

The One language that men spoke must have been an extremely rich and efficient language at communicating even more than just ideas and concepts. Almost as if there was mental telepathy oneness between the people working together to build a tower so wonderful that it caught the attention of God. The needed action of God to stop man’s folly was mercy on a God scale to defeat Satin in his attempt to dupe man again thus eternally vexing man’s soul with sin.

When the One language was confounded a major portion of our ability to communicate was lost. With this loss man also lost the ability to absolutely replace God in all society with his self-glorifying thinking and technology. God is unique in His plan to successfully reunify man with the only hope we have ever experienced freely shown in a true, living God that desires a relationship with mankind.

My theory is, God put his stamp of disapproval on the tower of Babel and man’s self-will glorification as a way to keep men together and be on the same level as God by scrambling the language. This incredibly foresighted move on God’s part set up inevitable event for man to be reunified with God on his terms. God would use the confounding events of Babel in a God unique way to redeem mankind.

Enter the Immanuel, God with us; while man still has not completely recovered from his use of a confounded language, Rome occupied a huge chunk of the known world with one language. Soon after the ascension of Christ, Acts chapter 2, Spirit came down as fiery cloven tongues on His disciple’s giving them powerful ability to teach the word of God in a singular unique one time way.

Each person in the crowd heard disciples speak in their native language. God’s message was so pure and clean that it was irresistible not to listen to. It amazed people and changed their lives forever because they became followers of Jesus Christ and were in the Way. My theory would include that God put His stamp of approval on the event at Pentecost by allowing the disciples to speak in the rich One language that was confounded at Babel.

This allowed the new converts to learn the gospel in a deep life-changing way in a mere moment of time so they could spread the Gospel when they traveled. It did not take years of discipleship to change and encourage these people to talk and teach about Jesus and what they had heard and seen. Yet, the ripples from this event still have power in our lives today. Pentecost still causes a hunger in us to yearn for a rich relationship with an awesome God who loved us and gave himself for us.

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