Banner meaning

The banner chosen has an owl pictured. The owl in human folklore is equated to wisdom mostly because of its forward facing eyes and flat face. This evaluation would agree well with God’s evaluation of humanity in being very good.

We are very good because we are image bearers of God, not God, but image bearers of God.

In the talons of this owl there is the W. For me the W stands for wisdom of the word of God. I never expect any of my posts to completely grasp any person but I do hope there are elements, phrases, sentences, or general ideas that will touch you in some way shape or form for the good.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, you are intensely loved by God. The real question that remains are what are you going to do with that love, are you going to deny it.(This is your free will choice) or are you going to accept the gift that is in the sense it is too good to be true! But is True!

The good news or gospel is that God’s gift is true and in reality not fantasy. Because of this invisible truth there is an empty Talon on the owl to grasp an invisible God that exists for all eternity yet unseen by man in many respects. Maybe because God chose to manifest Himself through imperfect people like me.

Yes, God wants to grasp both worlds both the visible and invisible. But left alone and forsaken by this invisible God man is not. As the owl grasps the letter W, I hope there is an element of wisdom that you will grasp to help you learn how God interacts with man.

Temptations are common”there has no temptation taking you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful and will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able. But will with the temptation also make a way of escape.” With this commonness in mind I hope there will be different elements of my blogging walk that will encourage you.

Hopefully a story will help you grasp in your talons  in a concept or idea of the Gospel. And use the Gospel to assist you walking with a truly awesome God that I will never be able to explain in completeness, I am finite. I know he loves you no matter what you have done or failed or succeeded at.

His whole ministry is about reconciliation with each  soul and every person ever born to an awesome and holy God. Even if you do not believe in God and stumble upon his principles to live by you will have good success because God works that way. He is not exclusive to believers only, His ways are truth. Don’t be fooled, you must accept the gift.

He will not cause his principles not to work for the unsaved! Yet in this fallen world there is not a mechanical or ideology or method of living even in God’s way that protects you from all the wrong and hurt that is going on in this old world.

But if you are able to begin the journey on trusting God and building a faith in him no matter how small the faith, you will be entering into a world of abundance and life. No you may not win the lottery and become rich in money wealth but you will be spiritually rich.

This is when you really shine in the world when you are aglow with the true Light of the World, so Shine on in Jesus’s name. Friend, as I write these things my hope is that you do not find the right answers but you find each and every person has a call to walk with God.

Exercising their freewill most walks have aspects that are similar to yours, not identical, in the similarity of their story they can help each and every one of us walk for the glory of Jesus Christ. All the while practicing fellowship with God and people.

My hope is that your talons grasp spiritual truth from these writings, no matter how poorly written they are, so that you can apply God to your life more effectively because of the vocabulary/experience that was given from anther’s testimony of their experience with God.

My dear friend walk worthy of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for He is worthy. As I write these things can’t help but think of the section of Scripture that says “God is true and every man a liar” I am a man,,,!

A man who does not claim self-rightness, but does claim righteousness because that’s what Jesus died on the cross to give me. I have accepted the gift of his righteousness into my life by saying yes to His call.

Therefore, I write these things to assist anyone who is in need of assistance to encourage anyone who needs encouragements to walk alongside those who are discouraged and needs a friend.

One thing for sure if any good comes out of any of these blogs it will be because “Good and perfect gifts come from above” never from me. I am dependent on the blood of Jesus Christ for any goodness that comes out of me.

I return any good that comes from this to God and the bad I turn to God and give it to him because I need to be cleansed from it.

To God be all glory, for God has shed His grace on me. Hope you have a blessed day and you understand why I chose an owl with talons firmly grasp around wisdom both heavenly, earthly represented by the wise owl. The owl is a personification, of a patient hunter that would dine on Godly wisdom and it would become part of them deeply changing themselves for the good and the glory of God.

Another start post from Denny. Shalom!

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