A true living Image bearer

We are an Image bearer of God in what God did in creation. The implications and living like an image of God is a truth that impacts our whole existence. (Believer and unbeliever alike) No matter how reclusive we are or how social we are, we need relationship on a small or massive level to thrive. The point is how I treat the folks I have personal contact or in my realm, how do I look at them, or even more how do I think about them.

Do I look at them as an image bearer of God or as something less? God in his love of people gave a gift that has no strings attached, other than accepting the gift, so we could spend an eternity with the God Head in Heaven, not in paradise or separation from Him but where God lives. As we learn and accept the reality of the love of God and the goodness in accepting His Gift we then are motivated to share and live in freedom, not to get to heaven, but to celebrate the truth of the Gospel in living well while sharing your given blessings and surplus with the poor and needy. Not ever to work your way into Heaven.

The Right living is a celebration/Thanksgiving or expression of the finished gift of God abiding in you. If you run with the, earthly speaking, wealthy people and they do not know or have not accepted the Gift of God they are indeed poor and needy, Heavenly speaking. The same with the other classes of people. The only rich folks are the ones who have accepted Christ’s gift given on the cross.

The more we live like God intended the more of Heaven like behaviors are brought to earth. Yet if everyone on earth lived this way it would not be as messy as it is now. Yet, compared to Heaven it would be a still confusing and disappointing, unsatisfying and incomplete place to live because God would still not be with us! As we live here as vessels of God’s gift of restoration here be and act accepting of others as God is of you right now. As an adopted Brother, Sister, A.K.A. a joint possessor of a full inheritance with Christ from your Heavenly Father, live as a rich owner that cannot wait to help or give as freely and wisely as Christ did in His life here earth and be the extension of the Life that was given on the Cross of Christ and rose again.

We will sin and fallenness (yes a new word) of this world will hurt, wound, trip, discourage and cause faith to wane in us, but remember, to be rich in the gospel because Jesus obeyed His Heavenly Dad and paid the full price of our sin, sealed and finished for all eternity the promise of Heaven on the Cross. He suffered and then took life up again and arose to share fullness of life with the redeemed. Rejoice again I say Rejoice! There is a cause!

Fight the good fight in honor of what he has done not to earn the Gift but express it. The redeemed are Image bearers of God on a reconciliation mission, not a wanna be misleading to hate and division. The False light, deceiver, and accuser of the brethren all is in Lucifer himself and should not be found among the redeemed. Judge not lest she be judged, be wises as a serpent and harmless as a dove, seemingly contradictory statements! But when you look at the gospel we do not judge fellow believers or unbelievers. However, we do have a God given free will to make opinions and guesses about other people.

This allows us to enter into their lives and allows the spirit to speak to us about them and change our opinions. Judgments are final and the only one final this wise enough to be final is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To God be all goodness and glory forever and ever.

I conclude with a reminder We are more than Victors in Christ! Lay your burdens down at the foot of the cross and join in the unity of the gospel to reach a dying world.
We are redeemed Image Bearers who want to live restoration in front of a lost and dying world so they know there is a true living God dwelling in us. Shalom!

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